May. 17th, 2010

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ugh ugh I hate being ill. Every time I have a cold my sinuses fill up. ugghhh.

I want to write Fesseln des Verrats fic about Shusei and Hotsuma. I want to watch Hikago.

I never got why people could get bored to tears playing video games until I started Eternal Sonata. It's a pity since I like the battle system and the graphics have this cute, fairy tale-like feel, but I think I'm only going to get through it by skipping all the cutscenes. The introduction was boring as fuck and Polka is one of those characters that makes you either go 'aww she's so cute and woobie I just want to hug her' (like Nobuta) or 'oh god not this tired stereotype again' and for me she definitely hit the latter. Alegretto was obviously supposed to be the jerk with a heart of gold but they went too far over the line and he's mostly just a jerkass which makes me sorry for Beat up until he says something stupid, and that's often. The only funny thing so far was Chopin pretty much immediately telling Polka she was just a figment of his imagination. And that forest dungeon at night in the beginning was gorgeous and gave this Alice in Wonderland sort of feel.

'What would Marquis Priam's plan be? Probably "kill it with fire"!'
oh god how could I ever forget just how much I love The Last Remnant. 'Dude, suck it up.' haha you tell him Rush.
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Not that anyone actually reads this, but still.

It's possible that I am far more 'Internet-shaped' than my family; I know I'm far more fandom-oriented and, as a result, far more influenced by the Internet, than they are. I also have a sometimes distressing tendency towards black-and-white thinking and can be very strict in my morality-code.

cut for possible rape triggers )


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