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Fandoms: CLAMP, Final Fantasy, Hikaru no Go, Kingdom Hearts, The Last Remnant, Meine Liebe, Silver Diamond, The World Ends With You, YuYu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Most fics will be slash fics. Pretty much all of them will contain spoilers.
Also not complete by a long shot, but I'm lazy and also often forget where I find fics.

If I have your fic on here and you want me to take it off the list, please let me know.

CLAMP Series )

Final Fantasy )

Good Omens )

Hikaru no Go )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn )

Kingdom Hearts )

The Last Remnant )

Meine Liebe )

Silver Diamond )

The World Ends With You )

Yu-Gi-Oh! and sequel(s) )

YuYu Hakusho )

Reminder to self: search more fic. Fandoms to rec: more CLAMP (esp. Clover and RG Veda), Silver Diamond, more Final Fantasy, Tales series, Good Omens, Swordpoint.
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maybe i can keep it up this time
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I've been playing Tales of Zestiria for the last week and I'm so in love with this game. When I finish it I need to make another write-up. Apparently it's plotwise quite weak but lbr, I also loved Graces and that one was... not good in the story department.
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there should be a (quite possibly german) word for that intense embarrassment you feel when you remember all the dumb shit you did when just starting out in fandom
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I've had this sitting in my Word files for months now, and honestly I'm probably not going to write any more on this so I thought I might as well post it. When this was written the game was still fresh in my mind.

Cheria is the reason I do not have a 50ft tall Sophie firing lazerbeams in my party )
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I made siu mai today!

...Or tried to, anyway. Except I don't know how to make it look like siu mai, and I deep-fried everything, since I like deep-fried food more than steamed food, so it came out more like a pangsit/siu mai hybrid. And the wonton sheets didn't really like being fried, so I think that tomorrow I'm going to the toko to look for pangsit sheets and try again.
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One of these days! One of these days I will actually write down my thoughts about Tales of Graces F, which I actually finished (unlike Tales of Vesperia, in which I am hopelessly lost, though at least Rita now has Tidal Wave which will make the rest of the game far easier).

In short: I like it, although there are several things it does not do well.

(i mean the romance aspect)
(also the music)
(and dungeon design)

Battle system is glorious, and pretty much every character is fun to play as, except for Malik, who I still need to figure out.


ahaha who am I kidding, I will never write this post.
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I have hit that point in Kingdom Hearts 3D where I want to start a new game plus but I just need four more Dream Eaters and I don't want to start a new playthrough without all of them, but am also just burned out on farming for materials.

Those Fantasy materials should just have better drop rates :(

(still not as bad as gold-starring all the dives)
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I splurged. Bought the newest Kingdom Hearts, and then bought a 3DS XL because I didn't have a 3DS yet.

I'm not very far in yet, but I like it okay so far. Giant glaring TWEWY spoilers for anyone who still wanted to play that game, and they could have done more with those characters, but then again I'm a big fan of that game and more TWEWY will still not be enough for me. The battle system is a bit clunky so far, but that could also be attributed to the 3DS controls. Although for me, the 3D element feels superfluous. It just doesn't add anything.
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My brain is slowly but surely getting eaten by No. 6. The light novels and the manga adaptation, that is. Not the anime, which is very pretty and... well, nice, I guess, but the characters just feel differently. And episode 11 was like WHAT. wat. wat. I think it's because there's so much of the monologues missing in the anime, which made a lot of scenes come off differently. Although I get why they couldn't animate it all, since reading about Shion spacing out every five minutes to wax eloquently about how pretty Nezumi's eyes are is different from reading it. All that said, I'm sad that Nezumi's Suou Tamaki impersonations aren't in the anime. Although they did give us an actual look at Eve, which was very nice.

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I know I whine a lot about Glee-fandom being hateful and annoying and immature, but I just stopped by F_W and I am SO GLAD I was never all that interested in Supernatural because wow the tinhats. are. EVERYWHERE.
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Leaving for Poland with my high school friends tomorrow! I'm pretty exited; I've never been to Poland before. Luckily one of the guys speaks a bit of Polish.
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Today I bought some new nailpolish from L'Oréal, which normally I think is too expensive, but it was on sale there, that explains at least half of Dutch culture: SALE, and I just tried it out and it is amazing: so smooth and it covers so well and the colour's really intense and aaah~

So basically this is just a post to say that now I understand why people are willing to pay ridiculous prices for good make-up.
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Kurt, honey. Listen. When your boyfriend is crying because of something you did, you apologize and maybe ask him to clarify what exactly is hurting him. You do not imply that he is only upset because he's too sensitive and you didn't do anything wrong when you KNOW you are actually doing anything wrong, since otherwise you'd have told him yourself about this thing he found out on his own and that is now making him cry.

Ugh, so apparently I can add this episode to the list of episodes that are making me rage at Kurt. See also: BIOTA, Prom Queen, TPPP and Michael (and the continuation in OMW). Sigh. I used to like you, Kurt. I really, really did. And most of the time I do like you. But you're also the sort of person I'd absolutely loathe IRL (even if only for the snapping your fingers at waiters oh fuck you that made me rage no seriously I have a lot of feelings about people who snap their fingers at waiters and they are not happy feelings. they are in fact best expressed with sharp pointy things).

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why am i still in this fandom.
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It's raining again.

This morning it made me bitch and moan and go 'but why is it raining?' But we lucked out when we were actually on the terrain for the Elf Fantasy Fair and it only rained one time. There were lots of people in gorgeous clothes, a lot of corsets that I really wanted but didn't buy because the good ones are so expensive, and in the end the sun even broke through the clouds.

And now it's raining again, and I'm cosily cuddled up underneath my blankets and I love having an attic room.
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The big thing Glee 3x15 left me with (other than 'wow the pacing was terrible' and 'for a song that sounds like aural sex they sure fucked the montage to Fighter up') is that I really, really want Blaine to finally address that maybe he doesn't care so much what other people think about his talent and his future and how big and bright it may or may not be, he'd just, maybe, for once, like to hear that they love him without bringing his voice or his dancing into it.

Because, man.
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Leaving for the airport in half an hour! Going to visit my little sister in Spain \o/

Long live European proximity?
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The Legend of Korra episodes are amazing. Just wonderful. Korra is delightful and awesome and really pretty much nothing like Aang and I love her already.

Also Mako is pretty clearly being set up as her love interest. I love him and Bu Lin already too.
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Oh my god I just saw the preview for Legend of Korra. What's a nice way to say 'I WANT IT NOW'?


...uh. I mean. Yes.


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