Jan. 13th, 2010 09:15 pm
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I has a Dreamwidth! Because one of my favourite writers is not only a good writer, but also an awesome person.

Guess I'll crosspost from now on.

In not so good news, my little brother got arrested while buying weed from a dealer. Reaction at home can be best summed up with, 'Well, hopefully he'll learn something from it'. He didn't. He wasn't put in prison, just interrogated, and he had to stay there for one night, and came home complaining about how mean the police were. So, yeah. And three of his friends, one of whom is a colleague of mine, got arrested - and thrown into jail - for beating up a teenager, who happened to be an erstwhile student of my younger sister. She taught him how to play the guitar. Thankfully my little brother wasn't there when it happened, but even if he'd been there, it would've made no difference. He can say whatever he wants, but we all know he has no backbone when it comes to his friends. Just... just what.

I really don't know where exactly it went all wrong.

ETA: Man, the debate about the commission-Davids. I really don't get why people think politics are boring. Sometimes it's the best entertainment you can find. In other words, I still think Pechthold is an arrogant prick. Halsema can be incredibly harsh, but still bring it far kinder, while whatever good points Pechthold manages to bring up are automatically negated by the fact that I feel the urge to throw things whenever he starts speaking. Also, lol at Kant, who is obviously more used to yelling from a soapbox on the streets.
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