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I am this close to finishing FFXIII-2, I just want some more fragments before trying to tackle that proto-Behemoth again. Wound damage, why are you my best friend in that fight and still betraying me so.

Nnnnot that it really matters for I already know what's going to happen anyway, and I already have this document filled with scribbles and notes for what I want to put in that fic I am planning to write about what happens after the The Future Is Hope paradox ending. It is filled with silly lines like 'how do you solve a problem like caius' and 'hope: still the pushiest bottom to ever rule an entire continent' and I still don't know what I actually want it to be about.

Because mostly, this isn't really the fic I want to write. It's the one I want to read and then reread and luxuriate in over and over. But since I guess nobody is going to write it exactly catered to my needs I'm going to have to write it myself.
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So I see that Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues with the 'hope' puns. excuse me while I cry in my handkerchief for not getting him in my party.

I like this game. It's definitely darker, both in story and in design, than XIII, but Serah and Noel have this awesome platonic partnership that you don't see very much.

...the crystarium redesign is terrible, though.
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So apparently in FFXIII-2 it's not Lightning who is the main character, but Serah?

...suddenly this game is about a hundred times more interesting to me. Although the lack of Hope in the trailers still makes me sadface.

Really Lightning, you're going to start following a goddess around and shedding feathers everywhere, you have no room to call the Warrior of Light anything.

My life:

Apr. 29th, 2011 08:18 pm
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Just started up Dissidia 012, wondering whose voice would read out the title today. I couldn't make it out, which rather surprised me since there aren't that many women in Dissidia, but I just couldn't figure out whose voice it was.

And then it hit me:


Well played, JD Cullum, well played.

Also, translations that have been bothering me the most: the track called 'East Dalmasca Desert', and the 'No fair using Eidolons!'. Fail, Squeenix, fail.
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I... I love the Dissidia fanbase so much. Seriously, in all fandoms I've been in, not one has ever reached the hilarious, awesome, cracky heights this fanbase is capable of, not even KHR.

It all started with simple model abuse. Then they figured out how to rip and switch animations, and then they did it with DLC costumes too (you have never known nightmare fuel untill you've seen Sephiroth skipping about like Kefka).

And then the costume mods started. Dancer!Bartz, Aerith disguised as Lenna, or the fake 'Kingdom Hearts Dissidia' trailer, like here:

Yeah, I love this fandom.
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Aaaaah yay the Zidane and Kuja DLC alts are mine, all mine~

I can't wait for the Yuna and Vaan hat! Then I can go on making bad pirate vs ninja jokes.

SOMETIMES it's good to be a European gamer. Mostly because we got it earlier than NA, which is like the shock of the century. Maybe to make up for Prologus?
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...So Cecil's second alt is based on his DS art. I did not know that, mostly because I care about Cecil only when there's no Kain or Golbez to fangirl about instead. But. The DS art. HHNNNNNG.

Now why can't I use it in story modes again? *sadface*

Also, I really should do a post about all the things in Dissidia that are, uh, suspiciously shippy, but I know my own skill at write-ups and it is not good.
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I want to prescribe Revenant Wings to which person on the Dissidia 012 writing team thought Vaan had a problem with children fighting (honestly, the only person on the Cosmos side who'd be a worse role model is Jecht and even he didn't think it a good idea to take small children with you when stealing an airship and presenting it as a huge adventure) and so Vaan's interaction with the Onion Knight bugs the hell out of me and has since been struck from my mind.

That said, I am loving his interaction with Lightning. It's like if Snow grew a brain and a half and kept bugging her to just 'lighten up'. I am convinced Lightning hates Vaan's babbling even more than she hates Snow's, simply because Vaan tends to make sense.

Still shipping Cloud/Kuja, and thank you, Duodecim, for reminding me how much I shipped Kain with both of the Harvey brothers! ...Preferable at the same time, now we're on the fanservice part anyway.
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I am having so much fun with Dissidia 012.

Vaan is awesome! DAT CROSSBOW. Also, 'You are sort of like an older brother. I get the feeling I had that before...' Oh Vaan and Laguna.

Yuna is so graceful, I love the way she moves. Kain's voice is NNNNNGH (though the Jump!spamming AI is really fucking annoying).


...Also, apparently crossbows really are better than machineguns, since Laguna gets outperformed by Vaan pretty much constantly. Really, the only thing you need for Vaan's chapter are Crossbow - ground and Crossbow - air, and Inferno.

Also I am shipping Cloud and Kuja so hard DON'T JUDGE ME. Their scene together was adorable.

Also also, since XII was my favourite and Vaan was one of my favourites in that game I am so happy with how they portrayed him. Sure there is the constant 'so, how old are you' but he is so down-to-earth and really the most pragmatic guy in the Canon Fodder party and I love that, considering he was also like that in XII ('uh, do you even know how to use that thing?' 'whatever, like we need your help, we'll just save Mjrn ourselves') and I am loving his interaction with Terra, especially since he respects her decisions unlike, uh, KEFKA, the little fucker.
It's just. He's so adorable! 'Oh man I wish we had an airship. That way, we'd get to Chaos faster!'

Team Canon Fodder is generally adorable anyway. Lightning really dislikes WoL, apparently Tifa and Kain get along well, and Vaan keeps making fun of Laguna. And I know people made fun of Cecil's lipstick in the first game but damn if Kain doesn't outfabulous him. I seriously do not know where Nomura pulled the nailpolish from (probably the same dimension Terra's spine went) but it certainly is something.

Also, Penelo is significantly less hilarious than in the first game D: Like someone said:
Penelo when Vaan is in: YAY I LOVE EVERYBODY <3
Though she still wants to do CoD so I guess nothing changes there.

And also, goddamnit I want those DLC costumes for Zidane and Kuja. DAT HAT.

Edit: Oh Cecil. 'I wish you'd show me your moves.' ...there probably is a world in which that sounds less flirtatious, but it's certainly not this one.
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I love how I haven't even played Dissidia 012 (ugh EU release dates) and how the game isn't even out for more than a week and yet already there are memes everywhere.

Kain is A REAL BOY MAN!!! (and also at least doesn't sound like some eldritch abomination from the underground this time)
Lightning has her THUNDAGAAAARHG (this really has to be heard to be believed, and now I can't unhear the pronounciation)
The moment the game came out the attention shifted away from Vaan's abs and onto his being apparently everybody's masochistic sex toy (ya rly)
Prishe dropkicks demi-gods

In other news, I suck bad at Prologus. Not that this is any real surprise since I am terrible at fighting games. Kain is a lot easier for me to use than Lightning.
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See, the thing is, I wouldn't have minded a direct sequel to FFXIII, with more and more adorable party antics. HOWEVER.

Lightning's new outfit as well as the new mystery man make me somewhat irrationally fearful.

Sure, it's hot but it's also sort of, well. Staple female fantasy armour. Damnit, I LIKED Lightning as the no-nonsense soldier girl.
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New Dissidia gameplay videos: aaah do want. Though I wish SE didn't suscribe to jiggle physics with Tifa. On the other hand, oooh fist fighter! what am I saying I hate fighting in melee range, that's why I always used Kuja to Ultima-spam everything to death. I suck at fighting games.

Laguna looks ridiculous and yet awesome. The Orphan's Cradle stage is amazing, Lighting is hot. I would watch the Vaan VS Tifa fight again to scrutinize the Skyfortress Bahamut arena but I'd probably get distracted by the fight. They hit the way Vaan moves right on the head, though; it's amazing. I hope his victory pose changes for every weapon he equips, but the Tournesol-pose is really cute enough. Though LOL, it's the strongest sword in the game and it's a pain in the ass to get and yet he's using it as a chair. LOL Vaan.

Also, I got Kingdom Hearts somethingsomething Days (shut up, it was a sale) and it's pretty cute! I am sadface at Marluxia and Larxene disappearing so quickly (sob CoM) but on the other hand I get access to Riku pretty soon! Also LOL at me thinking I can complete a KH game. I'm still stuck in the Cave of Wonders in KH1. And am getting creamed on beginner mode in Days.

Xion is... okay, I guess? I know the spoilers so I'm not quite as vehement about her as I was when I first heard about the game. Roxas is pretty cool (haha 'so what's my job when we have vacation?'). I still don't care about Axel, though I am loving his interaction with Saïx. And Riku definitely put all his points in Intimidate and Blunt Force instead of Diplomacy.

...I still think it's ridiculous he can be blinded, though. I mean, he walks around with a BLINDFOLD ON. He fights and navigates by USING HIS NOSE AND EARS. Why does his accuracy suffer when blinded, WHY?!

Also also I really need to practice my blocks.
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GameFaqs user#1: RINOA NEEDS TO BE IN DISSIDIA 012!!11!
GameFaqs user#2: NO U. SEIFER FTW!!!
repeat ad nauseum.

SquareEnix: So yeah we decided on another FFVIII rep in Dissidia -
SE: - and it's gonna be LAGUNA. Aren't you guys happy? |D


oh yay!

Nov. 20th, 2010 07:51 pm
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I am so late with announcing my happiness with the fact that


I don't care what anyone else says I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS

if there's lots of interaction with Bartz and Zidane I will be even happier

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I am so terribly late at the party but! but!





and I guess Tifa too but I really couldn't care less. maybe if it was Zack.

now it only needs Vaan in his TA2 outfit and I can die happy.

brb lusting after Kain and Lightning again.
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I found my Vesperia disk \o/ Now I can finally finish that game! what I would say, except I started on several of my untouched PS2 games. I played a bit of FFX-2 about a year ago, and while I like the dressphere stuff, I suck balls at the missions. Tried FFX three days ago (wrong order and terribly late to the party, I know) and - it's alright? I rather like Tidus which I guess I should have expected; he's far less whiny than fandom's made him out to be. I got up to Yuna doing the sending in Kilika, and that was one gorgeous scene and then I quit in favour of Atelier Iris 2 which is a lot of fun even when I'm not that far in.

Gotten a little bit farther in my second playthrough of FFXIII and you know that Juggernaut in a dead end at the beginning of Ma'habara? I killed it, first visit there. A zero-star rating of course, and Hope and Lightning both died once while Fang got close. On the other hand, Hope and Lightning both only died once (lowest combined HP in the game). Spent the first minute or so in Combat Clinic and trying to revive Hope, only for Lightning to end up KO (she only had Cure and Raise, Hope didn't have Raise and Curasa yet) then to Evened Odds. Hope's Barfire helped a lot. And the Juggernaut started using Steam Clean to get rid of its status ailments instead of attacking so I spent a lot of time in Smart Bomb untit it staggered after which I switched over to Relentless Assault. Lather, rinse, repeat until it was dead with switches to healing paradigms when necessary.


May. 9th, 2010 05:03 pm
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So while I was stuck being pleasant at family members this weekend in a place that didn't support an internet connection, I finished Crisis Core.

And yes, it did make me cry.
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And, uh. I mean, you can say whatever you want about XII's ending, but at least you knew what was going on, unless you played it blindfolded and on mute (without subtitles).

Slightly nonsensical spoilery ramblings go behind this cut )
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Am on chapter 10 of FFXIII now, and it's still fun ^^ I won't lie: I'm looking forward to chapter 11 because linearity is not really my favourite thing (just wandering off and dicking around were some of my favourite things to do in TLR and FFXII) but as a trade-off the character development and interaction is better than in FFXII. Still a bit 'meh' about the separate battle screens and no way of positioning characters during battle but creative use of paradigm shifts can at least take care a bit of the latter.

Party is the overdone Lightning, Fang, Hope. Not only because they are good, but also because I love them to death (although my dear brother, predictably, thinks Hope's a whiny bitch). I was sobbing like a baby during that conversation Lightning and Hope had back in... chapter five? Six? Something like that. Just before Fang and Snow had their big damn heroes moment. And then that talk Sazh and Vanille had with each other and god, they actually expect my to fight a boss while I can't even see the screen?! (Okay, so I'm exaggerating. I wasn't crying that hard.) And it was so close. I think the doom counter was in the single digits when I finally managed to activate Gestalt mode. In fact, I actually thought I'd lost at first.

Also, way to go, Lightning. Assure Hope you aren't going to abandon him, then shove him at Snow, who you know he hates and go haring off (okay, so she had the best of intentions. The timing was a, though). So I kept waiting and waiting for Hope to explode, while Snow unwittingly kept shoving his foot in his mouth. And what an explosion it was. Man, Snow, I hope you know you owe your life to some convenient, uh, explosions. And then Lightning hugged Hope and aww aww aww <3

And then that talk she had with Snow! I'm just in love here all around.

Sazh is still awesome. Vanille is growing on me, even if her girly run still looks a bit ridiculous. Fang is also excellent. Actually Fang sort of had the reverse effect of Judith of Tales of Vesperia on me. I had expected to really like Judith, and all her characteristics (voice, aerial spear-fighter, genre-savvy fanservice girl who is comfortable in her appearance and teasing others with it without it being overdone) appeal to me, but on the whole I actually find her sort of bland. Nothing about her stood out to me. While initially I wasn't very excited about Fang's concept, but when I got her, I thought she was awesome.

Maybe it's the fanservice part? I've never been terribly fond of the whole 'scantily dressed girl to tittilate male gamers' concept (yes I r hypocrite) so even if Judith is very aware of it, and is comfortable in her role, she rubs me the wrong way? I don't know. I do know that part of the reason I'm not especially fond of Vanille is her outfit (combined with her name). But Fang and Fran from FFXII were both very much the 'hot woman' type as well, but neither of them were held up as sex symbol. Vanille milks the cute and innocent act for all it's worth (though deliberately) while Fang and Fran were in the first place fighters.


Mar. 19th, 2010 08:06 pm
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...I don't think it will be very surprising if I say that Lightning - stupid name and all - is excellent. Also I want to hug Hope all the time, but apparently I'm alone in that because being fourteen, a civilian and afraid of monsters is somehow the worst thing ever.

The only downsides to the gameplay are the fact that doesn't have seamless battles and that you can't position your characters. Paradigm shifts go mostly intuitive.

Also? It's gorgeous.


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