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Fandom: Betrayal Knows My Name
Characters: Horai Kuroto, Furuori Senshirou
Gen, safe for work
Vague spoilers for their past, which would be... volume five and six, I think?
word count: 100

Our shared goal will keep our nightmares at bay )

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Characters: the Vongola and Shimon
Gen, safe for work
Spoilers for who the villain of the current arc is (at least as far as we know)
word count: 200

How will we be able to tell friend from foe in the future? )

Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Kanda Yuu
Gen, safe for work
Vague spoilers and headcanon for Kanda's backstory.
word count: 100

Will you still love me like this, even though I'm different now? )
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Fandom: Betrayal Knows My Name
Characters: Shusei, with lots of mentions of Hotsuma and some of Yoshino
Hinted at Shusei/Hotsuma.
Vague spoilers for volume 4.
word count: ~700

Shusei has a hard time recalling things that don’t interest him, and the list of things he does like is really rather small. )

Also, I've been sort of reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn on and off for the past two weeks or so. I can't in good conscience really recommend it (pretty much all the girls are sidelined and getting their thunder stolen and all that jazz) but the loyalty pings. Oh my god the loyalty pings. The potential for D/s (also as a pairing shorthand and I'm so disappointed nobody's done anything with that, fandom!), master/subordinate, blood-, knife- and gunplay and service-oriented submission oh my god. Also Dino's and Hibari's weapons, ahaha.

God. I want to write porn for this series so badly. Fuck my failure.

Also, my favourites are definitely Gokudera, Squalo and Belphegor. I love them, love them. The buttons they press. unf.


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