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...But I've been watching a select few episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX lately (mostly the ones with Ryou in them) and I have the following things to say:

- I like it better than the original series
- I still hate the card game
- I do not want to kill the main characters with a spoon this time
- the dub is eye-bleedingly aweful and deserves to die in a way involving arson, napalm, lots of pointy things and possibly a goat
- 'sending people to the stars' is the most ridiculous euphemism for 'death' I've ever seen
- stupid slang is stupider than Engrish
- no, I'm serious: 'get your game on' is just stupid. 'throw down a facedown' is stupider. 'mad skills' should never ever be used in a serious context. It's like they took everyone's personalities and replaced it with pseudo-snarky totally radical speech patterns
- Ryou and Edo are indeed the tag team of awesome and asskicking. Screw the rules, I have Cyber End Dragon?
- that being said, while I'm rather glad Ryou's heart condition wasn't caused by his addiction to electroshock bondage duels, the fact that it was caused by his deck being evil is... well. Special. Let's keep it at that.

And because there's not enough (good) fic about Ryou and Edo kicking ass and taking names in the Dark World to be found, I decided to start writing my own. Stupid dub and its taking out 'sorry lol we'll kill you guys even though you told us everything you know simply because we're dark (and possibly mercenary) heroes' and exchanging it for 'sorry lol we be making you stardust now'. And the omitting of their master/servant roleplaying and the lines about tea, although Aster's 'oh no Zane is perfectly harmless' line made up for it. Slightly.
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Guys. Guys, this is amazing. Just. My icon description is perfect for what I'm feeling right now. I sort of want to laugh really, really loud.

...Okay, so my LJ icon description is better for this than my DW one, as I don't have the same icon sets on them. Most of them, anyway. But both are true. I do see stupid people everywhere, and it really does not deserve an F.

Also, it sort of reminds me of that one Sunflower meeting we had. We needed someone's cellphone number, but none of us knew it. One of them thought she might've had in in her mail, though. But since she wasn't at home, she couldn't check her mail. Because, as you all know, you can only check your mail on your home pc. I was torn between crying with laughter and headdesking. And it took me about fifteen minutes before the rest of them believed me that, no, you can in fact check your email if you have something that lets you access the net.

ETA of shame: I, uh, sort of started watching bits and pieces of Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Yeah, I know. It's all TVTropes fault! Can someone please point me in the direction of fic with Marufuji Ryou and his shock collars? Because shut up. My kinks, let me show you them. And the internet has largely failed me in this regard in favour of OOC fic with Mary Sues.


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