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Leaving for Poland with my high school friends tomorrow! I'm pretty exited; I've never been to Poland before. Luckily one of the guys speaks a bit of Polish.
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I'm home! Yesterday evening we arrived. True to tradition it started raining around the border, though not very heavily and it cleared up quickly. Saw the first sunset in several weeks (and a gorgeous one it was!); the sun sets very quickly in Indonesia, around five or six p.m. depending on where you are.

I (sort of) kept a journal, but as it was filled with homesick, self-pitying indulgent whining I decided to spare you the details and will give you the highlights of our stay.

♥ It was my first time flying; while I can't say I care much for airplane travel, I love looking at the clouds.

♥ Visiting family! Some of them, like the family in Semarang, we had never met before, others, like my aunt in Jember, we hadn't seen in quite a while. All of them had ridiculously large houses. Tante Piep even had a house in Surabaya just for when family members needed to travel by plane! There is no airport in Jember, and it's about a five to six hour drive to Surabaya. Not something you really want to do if you need to catch a seven-something a.m. flight.

♥ BABY TURTLES. A distance away from Jember there's a nature resort called Sukamade. There, they collect turtle eggs in order to protect them from predators and thieves. They hatch the eggs and nurture the turtles for a few months before setting them free. As we were family of the man whose land the resort is on, we were allowed to go with them when they set several baby turtles free. So cute~ They were so tiny: smaller than the palm of my hand and their movement reminded me a little bit of ducks.

♥ The landscape. Bali especially has some gorgeous rice fields.

♥ Climbing a volcano in the middle of the night to watch the sun rise. Alas, it was not to be as it started raining. But we had a lot of fun, huddled together on the top wrapped in our coats and sarongs.

♥ Nasi goreng with strawberries. Yeah, it's delicious.

♥ We were lucky with the weather; all around it was somewhere between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius, which, according to aunt Yenny, was 'a bit on the cool side' for this time of year. Me, I'm just glad it wasn't hotter.

♥ That all six of us were there. It's probably the last time we all go together. .
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In Bali now, close to the beach. Feels more like vacation: sand everywhere, sea, overpriced trinkets... Everything is more expensive than on Java but truth be told, there are more tourists here as well. And it's greener here, and there are a lot of hinduist (sp?) temples. Beautiful, really.

Still miss home, but it's less bad now. In the beginning it was the worst, when we were stuck in a car every day, travelling around.


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