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School... is okay? I guess? Obviously I'm still getting used to not having as much free time as I used to, but... it's alright, even if I still panic every time I get something wrong, and my planning skills are as bad as ever.

Still have that vague fear that I don't actually like 3D modeling as much as I'd hoped I would, but hopefully that's the unfamiliarity with Maya. Getting accepted at the NHTV only to end up quitting would be rather terrible of me, I think. Even if I do end up contemplating it at least twice a week, but then that's my modus operandi anyway.

And besides, you gotta love a school where it's possible to play Brawl or Guitar Hero during break.
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Am staying with family now since it's closer to school. Still a bit weird not coming home.

Only figured out how to check my schedule on the school site with help of classmates like a winner.
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Survived my introduction! It was actually pretty fun, even if parading around in my underwear in a busy street is not really something I'd like to repeat (though the underwear itself was pretty rad. I love thigh-highs and garters).

Also, one of my group members thought it would be a good idea to set his own hand on fire, and he wasn't even drunk yet.

For the record, it wasn't. A good idea, that is.
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I applied to both the NHTV and the HKU because the chances of admittance were so small (think one in six to ten people get accepted). So I'm not quite sure just how I managed to get accepted at both.

just. what.

In other news, this World Cup thing is really quite amusing. Not because I like football so much since you wouldn't be able to make me care less about football if you tried, but in how the Dutch nation as a whole reacts to the matches.

'What the hell is this?! My god, what a boring match, our team sucks blahdiblah blah blah. Oh yeah, I guess we won, but still! Bo-ring!'

I mean, the first goal of yesterday's match was made while the commentators were busy picking apart our team's performance and complaining about how much they were sucking.

Also, I downloaded the PSN version of Mana Khemia. It's so much fun~ Vayne is really rather adorable (even if his name constantly gives me FFXII flashbacks), I ship Jess with at least two of the other girls, I want to write (or read, whatever) something about Nikki and her desire for lots of husbands, and Roxis' tsundere for Vayne is amazing to watch.
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I am late with this message because clearly I win at life, but:



also Coraline is an amazing movie

oh wow

Jun. 9th, 2010 11:01 pm
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Had interview with NHTV yesterday, and I'm most likely accepted. Today were the tests for the HKU, and I hadn't even expected to be called for an interview, but I was wrong. And it went pretty well. Sometime this month I'll hear the final results of both places.

...on that note, self, when I have to get up at half past five, I want to wake up at half past five, not at half past three.


May. 22nd, 2010 04:21 pm
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aaah aah aah I passed the first application round at NHTV aaah \o/

now to wow them with the interview

and for a second choice try to pass at the HKU as well

...or maybe that's being overly ambitious


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