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This post is filled with disjointed observations and opinions that will only be interesting to me, really.

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Finished Mana Khemia by playing it for several nights! ... oh, me.

And then I was stupid enough to save my new game+ file over my old file, and only then noticed that your inventory does not carry over. Boo. Encyclopedia percentage does carry over, though, but it doesn't help much if I still need to make all the recipes myself again and have to analyze everything I fight. I still hadn't maxed my grow books and had several stat up fruits in my inventory ;_;

Oh well, can't be helped.

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I applied to both the NHTV and the HKU because the chances of admittance were so small (think one in six to ten people get accepted). So I'm not quite sure just how I managed to get accepted at both.

just. what.

In other news, this World Cup thing is really quite amusing. Not because I like football so much since you wouldn't be able to make me care less about football if you tried, but in how the Dutch nation as a whole reacts to the matches.

'What the hell is this?! My god, what a boring match, our team sucks blahdiblah blah blah. Oh yeah, I guess we won, but still! Bo-ring!'

I mean, the first goal of yesterday's match was made while the commentators were busy picking apart our team's performance and complaining about how much they were sucking.

Also, I downloaded the PSN version of Mana Khemia. It's so much fun~ Vayne is really rather adorable (even if his name constantly gives me FFXII flashbacks), I ship Jess with at least two of the other girls, I want to write (or read, whatever) something about Nikki and her desire for lots of husbands, and Roxis' tsundere for Vayne is amazing to watch.


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