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For the record, I have absolutely NO IDEA why I thought this was an awesome idea, especially since I'm not that fond of Dutch music to begin with. But whatever. Here, have some of my favourites!

Abel - Onderweg, with a small part for Birgit Schuurman. About failed relationships. I think what I like best about the song is the total lack of 'blame game playing'; the heart of the song is about how they've simply grown apart and forgotten how different they actually were.

Boudewijn de Groot - Verdronken Vlinder. I just really like Boudewijn de Groot, okay. Loosely translated, it's about how the singer first envies a butterfly for its freedom, but grows out of it later and realizes he doesn't need to be a butterfly to live, since even butterflies can die.

Boudewijn de Groot - Testament. What can I say. I really, really like Boudewijn de Groot.

Boudewijn de Groot - Land van Maas en Waal. BEST. CARNAVAL. SONG. EVER. Normally I don't really like live-versions of songs but this one is just so charming. For reference, the official version (complete with lyrics) is here

Henk Westbroek - Zelfs je naam is mooi, probably one of the most famous love songs in the Netherlands. Basically this song is about the singer thinking everything his beloved does is beautiful (the title means 'even your name is beautiful', in the context of her name being more beautiful than the names of all those women with the same name).

Fluitsma en Van Tijn - 15 miljoen mensen. I was hesitant to put this song in, but eventually the nostalgia factor won out. Funny aside: this song was actually written for an advertisement, but became so popular they released the song.

Marco Borsato - Dochters shut up shut up I know he's like the most mainstream, commercial Dutch singer ever but god THIS SONG I can never listen to it without crying like a baby. I will take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one and that my father has admitted that he sometimes needs to wipe his eyes as well while listening. He's singing about watching his daughter grow up - in the first verse she's a little child, second verse she's a teenager and third verse she's getting married, but she'll always be his little girl.

Drs. P - Sneker café. This song is sort of unfair since you really need to speak Dutch to appreciate it - his singing voice is absolutely nothing to write home about but the lyrics are so ridiculously charming. BASICALLY this song is about how everything in life can be traced back to a café (I guess you could say 'coffee shop' but I know what they sell in Dutch coffee shops and it definitely isn't coffee) in the city of Sneek. Sort of like 42 is the answer to everything, except even 42 could be traced back to that little café, by way of a cousin from a man who got in an accident in Africa and ended up pulling snake teeth out of his legs and then passing them to said cousin who sold them to the manager of a furniture shop and blahblahblah in a little café in Sneek.

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Taking the cake for strangest question ever, today a man came in to buy flipflops, in the winter.

And then he asked one of my colleagues if spraying them with 'waterstop' spray would make the flipflops waterproof.
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Guys. Guys, this is amazing. Just. My icon description is perfect for what I'm feeling right now. I sort of want to laugh really, really loud.

...Okay, so my LJ icon description is better for this than my DW one, as I don't have the same icon sets on them. Most of them, anyway. But both are true. I do see stupid people everywhere, and it really does not deserve an F.

Also, it sort of reminds me of that one Sunflower meeting we had. We needed someone's cellphone number, but none of us knew it. One of them thought she might've had in in her mail, though. But since she wasn't at home, she couldn't check her mail. Because, as you all know, you can only check your mail on your home pc. I was torn between crying with laughter and headdesking. And it took me about fifteen minutes before the rest of them believed me that, no, you can in fact check your email if you have something that lets you access the net.

ETA of shame: I, uh, sort of started watching bits and pieces of Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Yeah, I know. It's all TVTropes fault! Can someone please point me in the direction of fic with Marufuji Ryou and his shock collars? Because shut up. My kinks, let me show you them. And the internet has largely failed me in this regard in favour of OOC fic with Mary Sues.


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