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I have hit that point in Kingdom Hearts 3D where I want to start a new game plus but I just need four more Dream Eaters and I don't want to start a new playthrough without all of them, but am also just burned out on farming for materials.

Those Fantasy materials should just have better drop rates :(

(still not as bad as gold-starring all the dives)
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I splurged. Bought the newest Kingdom Hearts, and then bought a 3DS XL because I didn't have a 3DS yet.

I'm not very far in yet, but I like it okay so far. Giant glaring TWEWY spoilers for anyone who still wanted to play that game, and they could have done more with those characters, but then again I'm a big fan of that game and more TWEWY will still not be enough for me. The battle system is a bit clunky so far, but that could also be attributed to the 3DS controls. Although for me, the 3D element feels superfluous. It just doesn't add anything.
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Finished Terra's story in Birth By Sleep!

That kicked me right in my soul, like so:


Even during the last bossfight I was frantically wishing for a happy ending, despite knowing better. And oh my god how disturbing was Xehanort's face at the end; my thoughts went like, 'wrong face WRONG FACE oh wow that's sorta hot als;afk;ajkfd GET OUT OF THERE WRONG FACE!!!'

Crushing a meteor into his face felt supremely good, though.

In conclusion: you'd better go save them, Sora D:

Terra's scene with Riku was adorable, however, even if he inadvertedly made everything worse. I would totally ship them if it wasn't for the obvious detriments like age and possession and age.
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In other words, more Birth by Sleep babble.

Just so you know, I love this game. I love its combat system and its ability system. Melding commands is terrifyingly addictive, and even most of the game's minigames are fun! Wow.

I am playing on Easy Mode because I suck and have terrible reflexes, so anything harder than 'Normal' is too hard for me since I am really, really bad at blocking and dodging (though this didn't stop me from loving Blizzard Block in Days. Frozen enemies are the best enemies). Started with Terra's story and am playing Ven and Aqua in between. That took a lot of adjusting to battle; after Terra, Ven and Aqua feel weak, though Aqua is probably going to be amazing as soon as I have more commands available for her. She really, really needs Magic Haste to shine. But Terra could just breathe in the general direction of a monster and have it die.

Magic isn't as overpowered as it is in Days, where you were better off shooting fireballs at everything (unless it's one of an Emerald Serenade in which case Blizzaga owns all). Magic is, however, far more diverse than in previous games.

In this game you form Dimension-Links with important people you encounter. An activated D-Link allows you to temporarily borrow the abilities of that person. Say, Aqua activates her maxed-out D-Link with Ven: she gains Haste and... something else and uses a pre-set list of commands (mostly Raids). Terra gives an auto-block in his D-Link, Aqua reflect, Cinderella an auto-remedy and regen, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes D-Links are adorable! Like Terra meeting Zack or Stitch. And sometimes it's horrible, like when Terra fails yet another Sense Motive roll. Critically.

Terra: Okay, I'm in a new world and need to find Master Xehanort. Hmmm, who could I ask? Oh, there's someone!
Me: Terra, no! Don't go there! Look, that lady's skin has a suspiciously green cast, and she has Fingernails and Lipstick of Evil. Her hat has devil horns and her cloak looks like the wings of a bat! Don't!
* Terra forged a D-Link with Maleficent! *
Terra: :D :D :D

See, most world-travelling heroes just go and trust the first person they meet. This often ends well for them because they generally run into their love interest first.

Terra also does the 'trust person immediately' thing. But he almost always runs into villains. I'll let you guess how well that goes for him. Hint: DARKNESS.

But however socially clueless Terra is (and he is, believe me), he's also just adorable. He's just so obviously a sweet person. It's just that he's also terribly naive. It DOES make for interesting role subversions, though, where the tall, muscular guy who has the most DARKNESS!!! inside him and is generally stoic and stand-offish, is also the naive sweetheart of the group. Ven is the 'little kid' who often gets told to stay out of danger, and he's cheerful and happy and optimistic. Aqua, who in other games would be The Chick, is still a mage, but also business-like, sharp and very aware of her responsibilities, while still having her girly side.

I actually love that Aqua can be kickass and still enjoy stereotypically 'girly things' - too often there are female characters who can only be one of those. Farah of Tales of Eternia was another such character: a female fist-fighter with only a few weak healing techniques and who was very much the leader of the group, but who also wore big, fluffy dresses and liked cooking.

And it wouldn't be a good discussion of a KH game without mentioning shipping, of course. Well, actually, this game is really rather lacking shippy moments. Sure, you can get Ven to do pretty much anything by just dangling Terra in front of him like some sort of carrot, but other than that there's not a lot of romantic tension (other than the standard Disney couples, of course). Terra really seems only interested in Keyblades (he reads sort of asexual to me, or demi at the very least; he's just so obviously both not good with people but also not really interested), Aqua is too much a soldier to bother when she has a job to do (other than flusteredly turning Zack down and grabbing Cinderella's ass) and Ven... Well, okay, Ven is rather obviously crushing on Terra. I'm not quite sure if I ship it yet, though I would read the shit out of anything that has Ven pining and Terra being woefully oblivious.

Gender roles! Well, yeah, Aqua is the mage of the group, but she's also strong and disciplined and actually the only one who becomes a Keyblade Master. Ven has absolutely no problems with helping Jaq to make Cinderella's dress and said girl is also one of Terra's role models. The Disney girls are just like in their respective movies, though.

...Here I must mention that I haven't yet visited Olympos with Aqua, though I read somewhere that they looked down on her because she was a girl. However, spoilers also said that Aqua didn't hold with that kind of nonsense.

The ending? ROCKS FALL, EVERYBODY DIES. Seriously, it's like Sora is the only one allowed to get a happy ending.
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...but wow, Terra really does have a negative Sense Motive modifier.
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New Dissidia gameplay videos: aaah do want. Though I wish SE didn't suscribe to jiggle physics with Tifa. On the other hand, oooh fist fighter! what am I saying I hate fighting in melee range, that's why I always used Kuja to Ultima-spam everything to death. I suck at fighting games.

Laguna looks ridiculous and yet awesome. The Orphan's Cradle stage is amazing, Lighting is hot. I would watch the Vaan VS Tifa fight again to scrutinize the Skyfortress Bahamut arena but I'd probably get distracted by the fight. They hit the way Vaan moves right on the head, though; it's amazing. I hope his victory pose changes for every weapon he equips, but the Tournesol-pose is really cute enough. Though LOL, it's the strongest sword in the game and it's a pain in the ass to get and yet he's using it as a chair. LOL Vaan.

Also, I got Kingdom Hearts somethingsomething Days (shut up, it was a sale) and it's pretty cute! I am sadface at Marluxia and Larxene disappearing so quickly (sob CoM) but on the other hand I get access to Riku pretty soon! Also LOL at me thinking I can complete a KH game. I'm still stuck in the Cave of Wonders in KH1. And am getting creamed on beginner mode in Days.

Xion is... okay, I guess? I know the spoilers so I'm not quite as vehement about her as I was when I first heard about the game. Roxas is pretty cool (haha 'so what's my job when we have vacation?'). I still don't care about Axel, though I am loving his interaction with Saïx. And Riku definitely put all his points in Intimidate and Blunt Force instead of Diplomacy.

...I still think it's ridiculous he can be blinded, though. I mean, he walks around with a BLINDFOLD ON. He fights and navigates by USING HIS NOSE AND EARS. Why does his accuracy suffer when blinded, WHY?!

Also also I really need to practice my blocks.


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