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One of these days! One of these days I will actually write down my thoughts about Tales of Graces F, which I actually finished (unlike Tales of Vesperia, in which I am hopelessly lost, though at least Rita now has Tidal Wave which will make the rest of the game far easier).

In short: I like it, although there are several things it does not do well.

(i mean the romance aspect)
(also the music)
(and dungeon design)

Battle system is glorious, and pretty much every character is fun to play as, except for Malik, who I still need to figure out.


ahaha who am I kidding, I will never write this post.
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Some half-serious thoughts about Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

I am really very annoyed with the girls getting cockblocked every time they should get into a fight and kick ass. Instead, Chrome gets molested by tentacles a bunch of times and Bianchi should be off poisoning people instead of gasping on the sidelines.

For that matter, why is Chrome the only one to get molested by tentacles? Oh, wait! Gokudera too, during that brief fight with Mammon, if I remember correctly.

Gokudera being the only one of the guys to get molested by tentacles might, depressingly, be related to him being drawn progressively more and more feminine, and also him losing pretty much every single one of his fights. While I appreciate that Gokudera's fights are used for character development, I don't think it's a really good idea to make him lose all his fights when he already has so much self-worth and insecurity issues. Therapy might be better. Or maybe it's the RPG method of battle power, where the ranged fighters are always weaker than the melee fighters, and also almost always girls.

On the other hand, I appreciate how Ryohei and Lussuria are the team medics, and also the only hand-to-hand fighters and how in Lussuria's case I can make 'healing cock' jokes that fit into canon perfectly.

Edit: Okay so apparently Yamamoto got molested by Mammon too, I forgot. There goes that theory.
Now to see if I can find fic where Mammon uses his tentacle illusions on Belphegor instead...

And now for something different: fanart recs!
Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces (only 2), Reborn! )


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