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Kurt, honey. Listen. When your boyfriend is crying because of something you did, you apologize and maybe ask him to clarify what exactly is hurting him. You do not imply that he is only upset because he's too sensitive and you didn't do anything wrong when you KNOW you are actually doing anything wrong, since otherwise you'd have told him yourself about this thing he found out on his own and that is now making him cry.

Ugh, so apparently I can add this episode to the list of episodes that are making me rage at Kurt. See also: BIOTA, Prom Queen, TPPP and Michael (and the continuation in OMW). Sigh. I used to like you, Kurt. I really, really did. And most of the time I do like you. But you're also the sort of person I'd absolutely loathe IRL (even if only for the snapping your fingers at waiters oh fuck you that made me rage no seriously I have a lot of feelings about people who snap their fingers at waiters and they are not happy feelings. they are in fact best expressed with sharp pointy things).

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The big thing Glee 3x15 left me with (other than 'wow the pacing was terrible' and 'for a song that sounds like aural sex they sure fucked the montage to Fighter up') is that I really, really want Blaine to finally address that maybe he doesn't care so much what other people think about his talent and his future and how big and bright it may or may not be, he'd just, maybe, for once, like to hear that they love him without bringing his voice or his dancing into it.

Because, man.
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All the new Glee spoilers are making me want to vomit :(


Also what the fuck are they planning with Sebastian I don't like this one bit.
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Braving Glee 3x13 and just skipping through all the uncomfortable stuff (and all the songs) and oh god, the God Squad discussion is the greatest.

"Guys, we have to figure out what the God Squad viewpoint is on singing to gay people."
"Well, three of us are in glee club so we sing to gay people all the time."

"One in ten people is gay. Do you know what that means? One of the apostles could've been gay. My guess is Simon, that name is the gayest."


"I said, 'Leroy, this guy's sold us the wrong lube. That's why the rubber is sqeaking, that's why it feels weird when we start going really fast...'
"Excuse me, Hiram, but what are we talking about?"
"We're talking cars."

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There are a lot of creepy things in Glee, but that leaked performance of Smooth Criminal goes to new heights:
Santana looks terrified and it just reinforced for me exactly why Blaine only rebuffs Sebastian by saying things like 'I have a boyfriend' and 'I never want to mess my thing with him up' and goes out of his way to avoid him but still never dares to say 'no'.

Because once he says no, he's no longer safe.

also i could get into the double standards with which fandom treats both blaine and kurt but that's just going to make me rage again. but seriously, blaine said no, in a nice way, but it's still a no. sebastian not respecting that doesn't mean blaine's the one who's in the wrong.
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I have never been so glad to have neither a Paypal account nor the inclination to buy clothes over the internet because I've been digging through the Fashion of Glee tumblr and I just want all of Blaine's clothes.

Blaine, why are your clothes so expensive.

Although this does remind me that I need to buy patterned socks because rolling up the cuffs of my jeans looks boring without them, and the weather's not yet warm enough to go with ankle socks. That said, I have always been able to rock blazers.
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Rewatching the Glee Rumour Has It/Someone Like You mash-up finally told me what I don't really like about that performance for all that I do love watching it: the same problem I had with Landslide.

I just get too distracted by Naya's ridiculously obvious fake lashes and it throws me out.

Edit: aaand someone on the k_b comm mentioned wanting to see them do Spice Girls songs. BRB reliving my childhood on youtube.

Glee 3x08

Dec. 7th, 2011 10:16 pm
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If there's one good thing to come out of the newest episode lalala I can't hear the wank I lead a Blaine Anderson Appreciation Life it's the idea of the Dalton Fight Club.

Just. Think about it.

Dalton Fight Club.

Like, I already had this idea that they had giant sleepovers in the dorm rooms and pillow fights and watched Mean Girls and sports channels and Bring It On and trade off on horror movies and romantic comedies. And now they also have their very own Fight Club.

Like I needed more reasons to like the Warblers better than ND.
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Ugh, so underwhelmed by Glee 3x06.

In large part because nobody cared about anything beyond 3x05, but also because spoilers behind cut )
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What I really, really want from Glee (other than no Karofsky anymore, EVER AGAIN):

- stuff about Kurt and Blaine's gender identity and how Blaine is far more subtly but also far more deeply feminine than Kurt
- all the daddy issues everywhere
- for Quinn to get professional help, or to at least acknowledge that she is Not Well
- all the feelings about Blaine's dependency issues

Especially the last thing, because the more I think about it, the more his 'I want [Kurt] to be comfortable so that I can be comfortable' creeps me out. Because apparently he has absolutely no sense of self until alcohol dissolves all his boundaries.
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Like, five seconds before I start downloading Glee 3x05 and I read about what Ryan Murphy said on Twitter.

I CAN'T. No. NOOOO. DNW DNW GET IT AWAY. GET. IT. AWAAAAY. Glee, if you're going in that direction I am going to disown everything. I CAN'T.

So. There went my exitement.
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Ugh, why did I forget the first rule of online articles?

Now I'm raging about stupid Youtube comments getting their heteronormativity all over my Glee.

...Evidently, the only cure for this is MORE WARBLERS. Brb, watching Uptown Girl again.
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No really, Asian F was FLAWLESS.

cut for spoilers )
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Wow, they aren't even trying to pretend we're supposed to think Will's awesome anymore.
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I have all these thoughts about the new season of Glee that I always forget to write down, but, after watching 3x02 I Am Unicorn my first and foremost thought is, Kurt, that silvery jacket is HIDEOUS. Like, Blaine's enormous pink bowtie hideous.

spoilers for the first two episodes of season 3 )
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I have fallen off the face of the Internet the last few weeks by way of Glee. I'm not entirely sure how it happened but, well, there you go. It isn't perfect by any means but it hits me hard in my theatre buttons and, what I love most of all, they aren't afraid to show their lead characters as imperfect. I thought Rachel was completely obnoxious in the beginning and I LOVED that, that she wasn't one of thoes doe-eyed innocent little heroines whose only flaw is being too naive or clumsy or what have you. I love that Finn, the male lead, isn't really leader material and a lot more concerned about being popular and appearances than leads in those kinds of series usually are. I love Kurt and Mercedes and their absolutely fabulous friendship. I love Puck/Lauren no really this is the best ship ever. I love Quinn and Mercedes and their friendship too and was so sadface when they slashed Quinn's character development to pieces in the beginning of the second season.

And every episode I turn gay for Sue Sylvester all over again. No, actually, that's a lie; I turned gay for her in the first episode when she said, 'Your resentment is delicious,' and just never stopped.

...although I wish everyone would just sort of get off Schuester's cock. No, show, he is NOT God's gift to that school.


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