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One of these days! One of these days I will actually write down my thoughts about Tales of Graces F, which I actually finished (unlike Tales of Vesperia, in which I am hopelessly lost, though at least Rita now has Tidal Wave which will make the rest of the game far easier).

In short: I like it, although there are several things it does not do well.

(i mean the romance aspect)
(also the music)
(and dungeon design)

Battle system is glorious, and pretty much every character is fun to play as, except for Malik, who I still need to figure out.


ahaha who am I kidding, I will never write this post.
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I'm not very far yet, but I'm loving it a lot already! Stocke is just the right mix of 'calm and stoic' without shooting over into 'angsty jerk' territory, and he and Rosch are so married. Rosch's first conversation with him gave off overtones of 'worried wife who just wants her husband to come back safely already!'

Raynie isn't very subtle about her crush, and her remark about wanting the easy camaraderie that Stocke and Rosch have with each other rubbed me the wrong way because, hey, way to sell your own partner short, Raynie :(
I do like her a lot though, she's a good mix of emotional and 'take-charge tomboy' without falling into the tired clich├ęs.

And Selvan and Dias' handling of their puppet queen is fascinating, although the princess is most likely going to disturb all of their careful planning.
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Let's see... Judging from the art cover the guy who looks as dumb as a brick is the hero, the innocent blond-haired blue eyed girl is the love interest/The Heart, and the guy with the glasses is the Lancer as well as a studious stick in the mud, and will probably go 'I'm trying to concentrate >:(' at least ten times. And if he doesn't do the shiny scary glasses thing at least once I'll eat my -

AAAAND right in the opening sequence. I guess you feel like obliging me, game. And another sidekick, sidekick, rich bitch, innocent ruler, evil blah blah. I can already see that this game is going to break all the character molds, you guys.

- So the hero's brother is dead? No way :(
- Ohhhh, it's 'classified information'. Thanks, that makes me feel so much better about it.
- Let me guess, the solution is to enroll in that military academy so that the information will suddenly be no longer classified.
- Blah blah, innocent blue-eyed girl is also ditzy and sweet and the peacemaker.
- 'I'm trying to concentrate >:(' CALLED IT
- Just saying though, that is one very hot 'shut up' look. Maybe it doubles as a 'come hither' look.
- Yeah yeah we got it the hero is a moron and also over-enthusiastic
- Passed all the exams quelle surprise
- Aaaand there we go, late for the first day at school! AS USUAL.
- ...ohey, the girl is late too. That doesn't happen quite as often.
- Insults coming from the classroom! I bet it's that rich bitch from the opening sequence.

Combat's nice though, if a bit confusing at first, but nice!
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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has surprisingly good character development! For a Golden Sun game, that is, which basically means that it is surprising that the characters develop at all.

Matthew is just as mute as Isaac and Felix before him, though far more generous with his ?! and !!'s. Tyrell is in some places even dumber than his father, and in others unexpectedly more intelligent. Karis certainly has more fire than Ivan does, and Rief is, uh - well, see, I always get distracted by his awful haircut so I can't really say much more about Rief. Amiti is surprisingly toppy when dealing with criminals if he isn't fuming in outrage, Sveta is pretty kick-ass and Eoleo is Eoleo. Don't have Himi yet.

Some new things in this installment: Growth is now a default Venus psynergy so no need to mess around with constantly setting and unsetting a Mars Djinn every time you needed it, but on the other hand both Mercury Adepts have no idea how to cast Frost (or Cold Snap as they call it now) without items, your first Jupiter Adept doesn't know how to Mind Read (the second one, however, can not only read the minds of the living but also of the dead), and - cruelest of all - missable Djinni.

I'm still not over that last one.
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So yesterday I started playing Magna Carta 2 again (further than the tutorial this time) instead of building my 3D Escher model, and... it's okay?

Honestly, my biggest problem with the game is the lazy texturing (and those trees in the Wild Forest, my god, they were just rectangles with a texture slapped on top of it) and I still suck at chain breaking, but I'll probably get better as I progress.

I do love the characters, though. Zephie is a wonderful mix between responsible, take-charge and assertive, and still being emotional enough that it makes her human. Crocell is my baby - the moment he introduced himself I loved him. He's such a troll. I love that Argo is soft-spoken and responsible rather than the big dumb brute. Celestine is far more tolerable than you'd think based on her design (also her crush on Argo. I love it okay).
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I found my Vesperia disk \o/ Now I can finally finish that game! what I would say, except I started on several of my untouched PS2 games. I played a bit of FFX-2 about a year ago, and while I like the dressphere stuff, I suck balls at the missions. Tried FFX three days ago (wrong order and terribly late to the party, I know) and - it's alright? I rather like Tidus which I guess I should have expected; he's far less whiny than fandom's made him out to be. I got up to Yuna doing the sending in Kilika, and that was one gorgeous scene and then I quit in favour of Atelier Iris 2 which is a lot of fun even when I'm not that far in.

Gotten a little bit farther in my second playthrough of FFXIII and you know that Juggernaut in a dead end at the beginning of Ma'habara? I killed it, first visit there. A zero-star rating of course, and Hope and Lightning both died once while Fang got close. On the other hand, Hope and Lightning both only died once (lowest combined HP in the game). Spent the first minute or so in Combat Clinic and trying to revive Hope, only for Lightning to end up KO (she only had Cure and Raise, Hope didn't have Raise and Curasa yet) then to Evened Odds. Hope's Barfire helped a lot. And the Juggernaut started using Steam Clean to get rid of its status ailments instead of attacking so I spent a lot of time in Smart Bomb untit it staggered after which I switched over to Relentless Assault. Lather, rinse, repeat until it was dead with switches to healing paradigms when necessary.
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I applied to both the NHTV and the HKU because the chances of admittance were so small (think one in six to ten people get accepted). So I'm not quite sure just how I managed to get accepted at both.

just. what.

In other news, this World Cup thing is really quite amusing. Not because I like football so much since you wouldn't be able to make me care less about football if you tried, but in how the Dutch nation as a whole reacts to the matches.

'What the hell is this?! My god, what a boring match, our team sucks blahdiblah blah blah. Oh yeah, I guess we won, but still! Bo-ring!'

I mean, the first goal of yesterday's match was made while the commentators were busy picking apart our team's performance and complaining about how much they were sucking.

Also, I downloaded the PSN version of Mana Khemia. It's so much fun~ Vayne is really rather adorable (even if his name constantly gives me FFXII flashbacks), I ship Jess with at least two of the other girls, I want to write (or read, whatever) something about Nikki and her desire for lots of husbands, and Roxis' tsundere for Vayne is amazing to watch.
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ugh ugh I hate being ill. Every time I have a cold my sinuses fill up. ugghhh.

I want to write Fesseln des Verrats fic about Shusei and Hotsuma. I want to watch Hikago.

I never got why people could get bored to tears playing video games until I started Eternal Sonata. It's a pity since I like the battle system and the graphics have this cute, fairy tale-like feel, but I think I'm only going to get through it by skipping all the cutscenes. The introduction was boring as fuck and Polka is one of those characters that makes you either go 'aww she's so cute and woobie I just want to hug her' (like Nobuta) or 'oh god not this tired stereotype again' and for me she definitely hit the latter. Alegretto was obviously supposed to be the jerk with a heart of gold but they went too far over the line and he's mostly just a jerkass which makes me sorry for Beat up until he says something stupid, and that's often. The only funny thing so far was Chopin pretty much immediately telling Polka she was just a figment of his imagination. And that forest dungeon at night in the beginning was gorgeous and gave this Alice in Wonderland sort of feel.

'What would Marquis Priam's plan be? Probably "kill it with fire"!'
oh god how could I ever forget just how much I love The Last Remnant. 'Dude, suck it up.' haha you tell him Rush.


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