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For [personal profile] cypher, for whom I'd write something about Khrynia. In the end, that became two little things, neither of them being drabbles (I know, I fail). Two because Rush took the first one over, although Khrynia's still in it.

Characters: Rush, Khrynia, David, with mentions of several other characters. Hinted at David/Rush, Khrynia/Sheryl and Leticia/Neo.
Warnings: the usual. also the ending feels off to me. too abrubt :/
word count: ~730

Anyway, during the Celebration orchestras and dancing troupes fill the town. It's supposed to heighten focus. )

And a small collection of words that can be read as a little follow-up to [personal profile] cypher's awesome fic Pride and Joy.
Characters: Khrynia, Sheryl, with mentions of others.
Khrynia/Sheryl, safe for work, in as much as reading fanfic is safe for work.
word count ~170

After the parade in Athlum ends )
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Timeline? What timeline? Okay, so I just wanted Khrynia to be in there. Also, the 'F is for fabulous' thing is totally stolen from TWEWY, but it sounds like something she'd say.

Fandom: The Last Remnant
Characters who are in it (even if not all of them get a speaking line): Irina, Emmy, Violet, Nora, Sheryl and Khrynia.
Word count: ~450 words

You could, like, make millions! And then you could buy me more hats. )
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I was also planning to write some FFXIII stuff, but it isn't finished yet, even though it is short and not plotty.

Anyway, I really wanted to write about Nora and the Ladies of Bloody Alice, but I can't write something long and interesting to save my life, so it's short and sucky.

‘After’ meant working for the Third Committee. )

And I recently started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. I was sort of :| about it until I entered Van. Drunken antics ensued. Millie grew on me after she started crushing on Mavelle; she was so much more boring when all you knew about her was that the game thought you should ship her with the hero. Also, I started shipping Ioshua/Cyuss the moment Ioshua introduced himself with, 'oh hi highlander. your muscles look nice. may i borrow you for a moment?' Paraphrased of course, but still.

In this fic there are no drunken antics, because Ronyx and Ioshua do not approve. It also proves that I can't write groups.

‘…and did you see how she incinerated that zombie? Oh, how beautiful she looked, with the flames dancing from her hand and –’ )
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Fandom: The Last Remnant
Characters: Paris, Charlotte, some other party members in the background
Warnings: ESL, and I think my characterization of Charlotte's a bit shaky. Paris is not quite as purple-prose-y romantic as in the game.
Paris, and his misadventures with swords, invocations and his love interest.
~1800 words

When he was young Paris had been determined to be as good a fencer as Priam was )
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Today I started writing a fic for something I've been wanting to read for a while; namely, Caedmon and the founder of the Silver Falcons interaction. I was planning to do just a short little thing, maybe a drabble, consisting of mostly conversation. And then I started writing, and the beginning just happened. And none of it was conversation.

Fandom: The Last Remnant
Characters: Caedmon, the founder of the Silver Falcons (I don't know his name, so I just ganked the name for one of the Athlumian soldiers off the wiki, but caring enough to see if it was the name of a male mitra, and now his name is Cain \o/ trivia: his special stat is cooperation).
Warnings: one-sided xeno crush, ESL.
~ 1200 words, so definitely not a drabble.
and when exactly had he become so attuned to at least that mitra out of hundreds of them that he could tell who was approaching him, simply by sound alone? )


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