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Just so you all know, Dragon Age has bitchin' parties.

In Origins this meant that my party was awesome and sexy as all fuck and also flirted with everything that moved (mainly by containing Zevran).

In Awakening this meant that my party was even awesomer and could kill everything by breathing in its general direction, mainly by containing my m!Surana with his Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage/Spirit Healer spec, Anders with Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer/Battlemage and Nathaniel who is a rogue archer with mad dex (no I will always be more than slightly in love with Nathaniel, why do you ask?'s the voice. And the leg-baring rogue armour).

...In Dragon Age II, however, having a bitchin' party essentially means that the only thing keeping them from ripping each other's throats out is Hawke's sad puppy eyes.
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I came out of my (not yet completed) playthrough of DAII happily shipping Hawke with his whole party. So ever since then my world feels slightly off-kilter for I have since found myself rather ardently shipping Fenris/Anders by way of Justice/lyrium OTP.

...oh well, this scary feeling will probably go away once I start up the game again and remind myself of how much they hate each other.

Am moving steadily along in my female City Elf playthrough and happily seducing Leliana. OMG it is adorable, the scene where she tries to tell me about her feelings! With the added hilarity of Alistair and Wynne both ribbing me about our relationship before anything had even happened - not half as amusing as Wynne complaining about my m!Surana and Zevran keeping everyone from getting a good night's rest when they hadn't actually slept together yet.
Honestly don't get why people try to seduce Zevran and Leliana with someone of the opposite gender; in my opinion, if there are non-het romance options, why not use them? There are not enough of them as it is.

...also I am still silently crying myself to sleep at night about Alistair not being romanceable by a same-sex PC; I would have dumped Zevran in a heartbeat.

more DA2

Jun. 1st, 2011 07:58 pm
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So I found asofterthedas, and these three adaptions of the originals on asofterworld just hit me so, so hard.

All Anders, of course.

This one because, well. Because it's true.


And this one because really, that's just Anders in so many words, isn't it?
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So. I started DA2 with the vague idea to romance Fenris, and what do I do, about halfway into the game?

Start a new file just so I can charm the pants off of Anders instead. I didn't even really like Anders in DA:A! Apparently the whole 'tortured by justice and increasingly paranoid' thing works for me far more.

Also, I just. Anders. I. I don't even know what happened and he's such a self-righteous, hypocritical prick at least half of the time and it only gets worse and you only see glimpses of the old Anders when he's chatting with Varric, but god. My heart.

Also, I find myself really loving Valkyria Chronicles II. People say the story in the first game was better, but I've never played that one and I've got a rather high tolerance for amusing high school antics anyway, so. Also I just really love the characters. I love that Avan is not only hot-blooded and idiotic, but also incredibly naive and genuinely a good person. I love that Zeri has his calm facade that can be cracked so easily, and that he doesn't feel above playing pranks and dirty tricks. I love that Cosette might be the ditzy blonde airhead, but she's also a good friend and NOT a love interest. I love Alexis, even if the issues surrounding that character are, uh, confusing me. cut for spoilers ) I love Eric and ship him with Avan like mad, which actually surprised me a lot since I was expecting to ship Avan with Zeri, but they work far better as snarky best friends to me. I love Rene and Magari and their friendship and how Magari is so open with her 'Rene is so nice! I love her!' I love Lavinia and her tanks, and Marion and her gun fetish. I am surprised at how much I like Helmut, though that might be because he is so obviously racist and the game doesn't gloss over it and both Zeri and Avan call him out on it. I love Reiner and Sigrid and their friendship (even if it is somewhat awkward because one of my (female) best friends in primary school was also called Sigrid).

In conclusion, I really love this whole class. Even Randy and his misfortune at Zeri's hands.
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Quite like Dragon Age II, even with the recycled dungeon design! Am playing as a male rogue and it definitely handles better than in Origins.

Party banter is as neutered as it was in Awakening, sadly, although it still makes me giggle.

Also find myself liking Anders more in this game than how he was in Awakening; at least now he has a personality beyond 'Alistair mk.2'. His voice was better in Awakening, though.

Am trying to seduce Fenris but think I've already botched it somewhere. Oh well. This friendship/rivalry thing is a bit difficult to balance, especially since I keep finding it more difficult in this game to make neat parties. I mean, in Origins I just always took Leliana, Wynne and Alistair with me since they would always approve if I did the lawful good thing, while in DA2 it's far more difficult to tell what the 'good' options are and what your teammates want you to do (other than, say, 'don't slag mages while in front of Anders' and 'don't sympathise with mages while in front of Fenris').

Also, Fenris really, really sounds like Balthier. Not much voice differentiation, there.

Also also, I love Isabela.
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...There is lazy dungeon design, and then there's Dragon Age II.
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So last week I finished Dragon Age: Origins (two times, actually), and am making vague plans for a second playthrough.

Text under the cut contains spoilers for Origins.

I did a lot of things just because I could, really )

That said, I really do love Dragon Age: Origins a lot. It's glitchy as fuck and a bit dated on the graphics, but it really is awesome.

Now, onto my disorganized Awakenings ramblings!

Spoilers for the first part of Awakenings )
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I don't know how it happened but I just lost my save data for Dragon Age: Origins. I'd bought it last week, and played it through the weekend, and today I started it up and the only save I could choose was my first, glitched save (which isn't glitchy and unplayable now, of course). But. RAAAGE. I'd finished both Redcliffe Castle and the stupid, horrible Broken Circle quests, made Zevran my bitch, and now suddenly I'm back doing my Harrowing.


Edit: Ooooh, found it. So that's where my first saves went. Never mind, people.

Mother of edit: mwhahaha am busy making Zevran my bitch in more interesting ways than simply smearing his face all over his own traps.


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