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Birthdate:May 13
23, student, family girl.

Wishes she were a better person.

Interests (62):

8-bit theater, angel sanctuary, animal mineral vegetable, anime, art, bitch boots and labcoat, bloody torchwood, byakuya/marluxia/seishirou otp, clamp, discworld, don't backstab: downstab, drawing, evil!sam is hot, fandom has no continuity, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, flaming belt-buckles, games, gorgeous poodles, handbasket to hell, hikaru no go, just lost the game, kaori yuki, katharine kerr, killing people with brains, kingdom hearts, literature, ludwig's hair, manga, maybe gay lawyers, meine liebe, mokona brings sexy back, monkeys on nitrous oxide, music, necrophiling paladins since 2008, neil gaiman, not kittens, philosophy, politics, potato haet copyright, rainbow babies, reading, se owns my soul, supernatural, tales of eternia, teaching about rear assaults, telemarketeers from hell, terry pratchett, that's how i roll, the last remnant, there is no end, thief's blizzard theory, torchwood, totally bff, tv tropes, twewy, twilight kills puppies, undyingly vayne, will save vs shiny, with your dying will, yuyu hakusho
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