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Fandoms: CLAMP, Final Fantasy, Hikaru no Go, Kingdom Hearts, The Last Remnant, Meine Liebe, Silver Diamond, The World Ends With You, YuYu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Most fics will be slash fics. Pretty much all of them will contain spoilers.
Also not complete by a long shot, but I'm lazy and also often forget where I find fics.

If I have your fic on here and you want me to take it off the list, please let me know.

A lot of different CLAMP series can be found at paradox_fantasy.

Cardcaptor Sakura
Cutest magical girl ever. The dub does not exist.
Everything by Madhumalati

Immortal Souls, by Laurus Nobilis. Crossover with Good Omens. Aziraphale and Crowley discuss the future of Clow's soul. Clow has different plans.

"What? Where did you get that idea?" asked Aziraphale, frowning slightly. "It's true that he has a few... eccentricities, yes, but he's most certainly on our side."

"Don't be ridiculous. He's on our side by default," said Crowley. "Since when do you like witches, anyway?"

Down to Business, by Laurus Nobilis. Crossover with xxxHolic. Touya and Yukito always wondered why they didn't have to pay for their house. Yuuko has an answer, but they're not sure they like it.

"You do all look alike, you know," she mused. "I wonder how you'd look with glasses..."

"Like Dad," he replied, and then realized what he'd just said. "Oh."

I only want your happiness, knowing I can never be yours to share it. So take me away...

What of the Three Leaf, by Tendency. He is curious about love. He is curious about glasses. He is curious about everything Gingetsu. But most of all, Ran just likes making tea.

"Does it ever stop raining?" he murmured quietly to himself, pressing his chin into his arms (crossed over the windowsill) and sighing. Behind him his shadow stretched into the sharp ice-blue and black of the unlit room, growing larger and longer across the black-and-white checkered floor, until it collided with the back of the first streamline couch, and stopped.

Pigeons and Crumbs, by Tendency. And so we look at those who've had to stay. Follow-up to the above fic.

Kazuhiko was helping him wash dishes, long fingers invisible beneath a screen of thick white bubbles, his sleeves rolled sloppily above his elbows. Gingetsu had removed his glasses-it was a bad night, he couldn't concentrate, the energy needed to maintain the neural and optical links was more than he could afford, and more than anything they just hurt-and he was busy trying to look like he wasn't as uncomfortable as he truly was.

Also known under the nicknames Emocalypse and Shoujo Armageddon.

Degrees of Humanity, by Moria Polonius. Lack of humanity is what defines a Dragon of Earth. The moment we cross the line between human and a Dragon of Earth is the moment we die.

"When he first joined us, did you see Nataku as human?"

"I've never actually met Nataku."

Amused laughter stood at terrible contrast with the Kamui's line of reasoning. "Well, did you See Nataku as a fully human being?"

Roses in my Hands, by electrumqueen. Crossover with Code Geass. Monou Fuuma and Kururugi Suzaku, after everything.

Monou Fuuma wakes in a dead world, a world made of trees and vines, clear cool water and birds chirping. His hands are clean; he stands, shaking, and finds his clothes are gone. All the dust on him is gone, all the blood.

Kamui is gone. there is only Fuuma left: Kamui is gone. Fuuma is the one who won.

Epic, by Mithrigil. What if Kamui had ten more years to decide which side to join? Who would have changed in the meantime?

“There was a storm?”

“I envy you, sleeping through everything.”

The rice-cooker breathes steam into her face when she opens it. “I dreamt Kamui came back,” she says.

(Kakyou's characterization really bothers me in this, and it left me with a craving for Kamui/Fuuma, but other than that, it really is epic.)

Be careful what you wish for. Everything is hitsuzen.

Wish, Want, Need, by thornsmoke. A man makes the wrong wish.

"Hi," he starts. He scratches his head. "I, um. I need a charm. Not for me," he babbles, "my mother, she is very superstitious and there have been a lot of fires in our neighborhood lately, so she, she wants to be safe. I don't suppose you sell...?"

Yuuko unfurls her hands like a magician, then flips her wrist. A chain swings out of the darkness, caught on the tips of her fingers.

Ritual and Return, by Sophia Prester. You can't understand some stories until you become a part of them.

"It's short notice, but there's a job I need the three of you to do. And unfortunately, there's not much time left. We have to be there tonight."

She didn't say, but Watanuki still heard, it's getting dark.

Addicted to Death, by Sinnatious. Crossover with Death Note. Light Yagami was not a superstitious person. That was until he met Kimihiro Watanuki.

To his slight surprise, though he didn't show it, the woman's face went still and her eyes turned cold. "I know who you are. But you have no need to be in my shop."

"No need? What is it that you sell? And might I have your name?"

Destiny, by still-ciercee. Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

"Den as payment for your gladness, I ask you a question." Her face was suddenly serious. "Wha' is it dat vexes all men, Watanuki Kimihiro?"

"Doumeki," he said reflexively.

Button Pushing, by hydr0phobia. Watanuki, Yuuko, Doumeki.

It’s a cellphone. Cellphones should not inspire any brand of paranoia.

“You know, you could stop staring,” he tells it.

Predictably, it doesn’t listen.

Final Fantasy series
All Final Fantasy fans hate Final Fantasy. Trufact.

I Do, by insaneidiot. FFIII. Ingus and Sara's engagement has got Desch thinking.

"Hey, long time no see," Luneth said casually, pushing away from the wall. "Arc's just making sure we've got everything packed, since he's the organised one. I always forget things if it's left to me. He should be back soon, though."

Desch laughed, clapping Luneth on the shoulder. "Good to see you again," he said, grinning widely. "It's been a while, hasn't it? I've missed adventuring with you all, it was fun."

Traitor's Price, by Terra. FFIV/FFT crossover. Baron's towers are spired as they are in Ivalice, but their points seem to scratch at something higher. Ramza serves Cecil, Kain serves Delita.

"Ah, Lord Cecil? Is there something wrong?" Ramza asks.

"Oh no, it's nothing." He pauses. "I am glad to have you, truly." Cecil presses a gloved hand close to his chest and sighs. "It's just— I was expecting someone else."

Momentum, by Seventhe. FFIV. Edge, Rydia, and Kain: entangled in each other, in guilt, in forgiveness. Edge makes a journey with Rydia, comes home with Kain, and ends up with both - and grows up.

"The mountain is a trial, Cecil said." Rydia's voice is hushed, as they crouch around a small fire; her voice is low, and breathy, and Edge is glad to hear that this creepy place is getting to her as well. "A straightforward trial, testing the darkness and light within you." She shudders. "There's just something about facing the undead…"

Going On, by Mithrigil. FFIV. Kain at Mt. Ordeals.

He thinks he's sensible at first, and counts the days. When they outnumber his fingers and toes, he stops bothering. This isn't a contest, he reminds himself, constantly. I'm not running against time. I'm not running against an adversary. And if Cecil speaks true, I have only myself to encounter at the top. And Cecil can't lie, he can only omit. So. There is no point in counting.

Dragons, by alixnoorchis. FFIV. Golbez uses Kain's weaknesses to break his will. Coerced consent, if I am not confusing the terminology.

"I wish..." Cecil mumbles after a while.

"You wish what?" The breeze kicks up slightly, and Kain gets a lock of Cecil's hair in his mouth.

Book of Days, by Cephied Variable. FFIV. Rydia, on being a Summoner.

She wanted to touch history with her own hands; she wanted something *real* and tangible. Rydia wanted to walk among the Spirits.

Under Fire, by stealth noodle. FFIV. With the aid of her Eidolons, Rydia makes a perilous journey across the Underworld to reunite with her friends.

With a graceful toss of her frost-pale hair, Shiva rose from her throne, which melted away behind her. Her eyelids slid slowly apart as she looked down at Rydia with a hint of a smile. "It's an inhospitable passage, isn't it?" she said, idly conjuring an intricate snowflake in her palm. "It's a pity you can't simply slip between."

Trinity, part one and two, by insaneidiot. FFIV. Cecil is dense, Kain is emo and stupid, Rosa is the smart one.

This fight is going nowhere. It's not as though Cecil has much experience arguing with people anyway, but this is making him discover just how impossible it is to fight with someone who won't fight back. He can't even see Kain's eyes; with all the reaction he's getting, it's like yelling at a wall.

Tall, Dark and Handsome, by Aerika S. On the long road from Nibelheim to Rocket Town, Aeris, Tifa and Yuffie pass the time discussing the newest member of their party and all the other pretty, pretty men that keep crossing their path.

"Uh, I meant pretty. Didn't you think Cloud looked pretty?" Aeris quickly amended.

Tifa just as quickly accepted the edited version of the question. She liked Aeris and didn't want to think of her friend as 'one of those kind of people' she'd been warned about growing up in Nibelheim.

Yuffie, however, clung to her expression of bemusement. Its cause wasn't necessarily Aeris' attraction to Girly Cloud but the fact that Girly Cloud had existed and she had not known. Come on, she had (sorta) listened to all that crap about mako and Shinra raping the Planet, but nobody had said a word about this goldmine?

<These Unending Alchemies of Honour, by justira. FFXII. Gabranth lives, and there is nothing simple about it— not for him, nor Basch, and most especially not Vaan.

Basch, with no right to ask this thing of her, watched her close her eyes, her hand rising for a moment to clasp loosely in front of her chest. Her head lowered, and in the dim light Basch still caught her frown. When her eyes opened, they sparked with anger, her brows furrowed.

But she said: "Live, dog. Ivalice needs Larsa's strength, and Larsa needs yours. Live and reclaim your honour, be it the harder path."

To Noah, on going to the wars, by wreathsandbells. FFXII. These are what many scholars and historians believe to be the only extant documents penned by Basch fon Ronsenburg.

... new bed, and I am charged with command of a unit now. I should be abed, for my duties are greater in the morning, but my mind is filled with thoughts of you, and of the princess, who at such a young age is already so fierce. I wish that you could meet her, Noah; you would admire her.

Four and twenty blackbirds, by wreathsandbells. FFXII. Balthier and Fran, escaping from the Bahamut.

He mixed the remedy with slippery hands. Ordinarily, you stirred it into water, but that was more precious than gil, now, and mixing it with a potion would serve a dual purpose. Balthier tilted Fran's head back and pinched her nose with what was nearly ease now and poured it into her, little by little.

"It'll probably scar," he murmured. "Good that you're not vain, as I am. It's not as if anyone looks at my legs."

But the Wind is Free, by Luc Court. FFXII. AU where all the roles are reversed, Ashe-POV.

"I would be so lucky if I could say the same about my own brother. Humes should never have visited Golmore at all. The guardians were fed false information. My twin sent those men to their deaths. The whole of my honor has been tarnished. How can I recover from that?"

"Your honor? Hey, some of us have lost actual people," Vaan lashes back. His cheeks are streaked with angry flushes of red. When Penelo moves closer to him, he flinches.

'The One Where Vaan Has To Wear A Shirt' or 'Gee, we say, Larsa'd be an awesome Bond villain..., by moonsheen. Vaan, Penelo, Larsa, post-game.

“Wait. Did you just get us in on the authority of our last repair bill?”

“Did I?” Vaan checked the paper. “Oh, huh. I did.”

Overheard in an Aerodrome, by canis-m. Crossover with Swordspoint. Richard and Alec in Archades.

The capital city is otherwise barbaric. One cannot so much as hire a cab without possessing certain wooden tokens, and the only way to acquire the tokens is--brace yourself--by helping other people. I was forced to sit in a dingy alehouse in Trant for half a day while Richard ran about ferrying messages like an angel of goodwill. No one was murdered in the process, but we are both getting too old for that sort of thing.

The other day we happened to catch a glimpse of the emperor when he made a rare public appearance. It will divert you to learn that he is both younger than you and prettier.

Scheherazade, by moemachina. Ivalice-verse. In which we share stories with monsters.

"Did I ever tell you," he said at last, his voice low, "the story about the wedding of Queen Ashelia and her consort? My mother used to tell it to me, when I was young." He ran a hand through his dark hair. "I kept thinking about it today. It had a genie in it."

Ovelia was silent for a long time and then, reluctantly, she whispered, "No."

moments in another time by twigcollins. Friendship, failure and triumph in the Archadian Empire. AU to game plot.

"You are going to be the best of us, Larsa Solidor." Two hundred years of useless men, and now this boy. What other reason is Vayne as smart as he is, as cunning, if not to raise an Emperor that might make something worthy of their House, of Archades and the world? Wise and kind and just - untainted, with no blood on his hands? Surely, if Vayne is worth anything, he can see to that.

"I will be there, little brother, I will help you to become the ruler this empire needs, and when that day arrives, when you are ready, I swear to you that I will make it yours."

Practice makes perfect, at the ffxiii_kinkmeme. Hope goes to Cid for advice before the attack on the Palamecia. (Gen, for now. It has intriguing ideas, but suffers from wanton cruelty to the common comma. Edit: also seems to be abandoned.)

“I'm not alone,” Hope shot back. “Lightning's right...” He turned his head to the other side, and saw the chair was empty. “... Well, she was.”

“And so, here I am.” Snow patted his own pillow. “Just keeping you in good company. In my bed.” Snow paused, and chortled. “That came out wrong.”

Avante, by Zaz9-zaa0. Postgame. Closure takes one step forward. Understanding takes two steps back.

The boy's voice carried out into the hall even as the man moved to the foyer, investigating the coat rack for any indication of the runaway. "Daddy says Miss Fang knows everything about anything on Gran Pulse." Thoughtfully, Dajh added, "Maybe she'll tell me all about the wild Chocobos when she and Miss Vanille wake up!"

No Job For A Hero, by isobelmarin. Postgame. Sazh wants to teach Snow some responsibility. Dajh has other plans.

"I used to have a table," Sazh said.

Snow shifted uncomfortably.

"Now I have some stakes and two planks of wood."

The Kids Are Alright, by Hey-Diddle-Diddle. In which Hope is bitten and becomes a vampire, Lightning tries to pick up the pieces, and the real hero is Sazh. Spoilers for Gran Pulse.

"She's outside," Snow says when Lightning asks 'Fang?' "Don't worry, we won't let anything in." He says it with bravado, but there's the same brittleness that was there when Serah turned to crystal. Lightning isn't sure if it's fear, or pain, or the same sickening, drowning self-hatred she can feel in herself.

"I trust you," Lightning says, and she takes over for Vanille so she won't have to see Snow's face.

Good Omens
Kids! Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Don't try it at home.

The Probability of Ducks, by graycastle. Eventually, ducks will make it work.

"I don't think I remember ducks in the beginning," Crowley answered eventually, trying to keep half an eye on the seance.

He tried to remember Adam naming ducks ducks, but couldn't do it. He remembered a finger pointed in his direction and a shrill voice shouting "Snake! Snake! It's a snake!" and he remembered thinking alright, so I'm a bloody snake already, we get it, move on, but that was about the limit of his recollection.

A Precise and Accurate History of Monday, Eleven Years Later, by Giddy Geek. Exactly what it says on the tin. Crowley and Aziraphale eleven years later.

Crowley's flat was typically empty of reading material. He loved newspapers, particularly British newspapers, and was quite proud of tabloids in particular, more for what they did to the brains of average people than for any of the actual stories. He'd yet to receive a commendation for them though, due to his inability to convince his superiors that nearly everything printed was, in fact, a sleazy lie.

When Summoning, Please Watch the Wording, by Ryuuza Kochou. Crossover with Supernatural. Dean and Sam fall into the hands of Satanists, who, naturally, want to use Sam as the vessel for the Golden Eyed Demon.

It was a Ferrari of magic circles. If magic circles were a sellable commodity, this one would only appear to the Fortune 500 section of the catalogue. Essentially what that meant was it looked good and worked well, but had a lot of components that weren't, when you got right down to it, necessary.

Dean Winchester wasn't in the mood to appreciate it.

Hikaru no Go
Hikaru No Go is notable for two reasons:
- It has been single-handedly responsible for a resurgence in the popularity of Go, which until the show existed was seen as the exclusive territory of diabeetus and people with funny teeth who looked like they might enjoy the taste of human flesh.
-It has subjected the worlds to levels of homosexuality previously thought by scientists to be merely theoretical.

Plenty of recs to be found in the ship manifesto here and bookshop's pimping post here.

paradox_fantasy has several hikago fics as well.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
If you're looking for srs bsns mafia adventures, this is not the series for you. If, however, you want progressively weirder storylines with magical rainbow babies and people punching dinosaurs in the face, by all means, continue on. Leave your logic at the door.

EXTREME BUTTSEX, by technophile@lj. Lussuria/Ryohei. Does this even need a summary i mean it involves lussuria and ryohei how can it not be extremely awesome.

SO THERE'S THIS GUY, right, and he's sort of extremely creepy and he keeps LOOKING at Ryohei funny in the most EXTREMELY weird ways and wears EXTREMELY strange clothes (like dead pink birds or something) and keeps saying EXTREMELY weird stuff every time Ryohei walks by, like "your body looks just as nice today~ ♥" (like what, it would look different or something? totally not extreme) or "why don't you run around my block some more?" (like what, ten laps aren't extreme enough!?) or "you should come to my house sometime~ ♥" (like Ryohei doesn't have his own house, wtf?)

The Halcyon Nostalgia of Snake-charming, by picnicbird@lj. Belphegor/Chikusa. before mammon's ring battle. what. bel's amazing because he's a prince.

“Did you fall?” the boy asks.

Belphegor snickers. “Yes, for my long-lost riiiing,” he cooes. On his finger, it glints stoic-grey in the afternoon sun. The reward for his efforts, the lauds for his making it so far, for killing the dissenters, for never giving up. Belphegor briefly considers becoming a motivational speaker.

Regal Transparancy, by saycheesu@lj. The Varia. His eyes deceive, his ears trick, but his heart tells the truth. After the Future Arc and before the Inheritance Arc.

Meeting of Mist, by strangertack. Fran tries to deal with being Mammon's replacement. Belphegor tries to kill him.

Fran held out his coat by the tips of his fingers so that light filtered through the tattered garment. "Hit by 'friendly' fire as soon as I turned my attention to the enemy."

Squalo shrugged, unconcerned. "Bel tries to kill all of us from time to time. But we're still alive, aren't we?"

The Search For Xanxus' New Daddy, by strangertack. it has ridiculous varia antics. how could i resist.

"Yes, what a wicked, wicked father~" Lussuria agreed. "If I hadn't accidentally killed stepdaddy in a game of role reversal, I'd definitely ask him to be Boss's substitute father for the day. Boss deserves a much better father than the Ninth."

Ten Years Down, by peroxide_fic@lj. 8059. A glimpse into the future looks bleak. i can tolerate yamamoto/gokudera when it's written like this.

“You might wanna get outta here boss,” Gokudera began, and lit the fuse to his dynamite bundle with the end of his cigarette. “Like, a five mile radius of here.”

High School Is All About Cliques And Fear and its sequel, by peroxide_fic@lj.

Tsuna enters high school full of hope for nothing but the best.

Not surprisingly, it is a hope that is not meant to last.

The Piano Room, by morphaileffect@lj. Gokudera, futurefic.

"Every big talk happens in the Vongola mansion. And every visitor there talks to the Tenth Boss. But when the Tenth Boss is away, you talk to the right-hand man."

If They Hadn't Found Each Others, by morphaileffect@lj. Tsuna, the Vongola Guardians. AU.

A young man with a childish face works quietly behind an office desk. He says "yes" to every request and never oversteps his bounds. He always comes in late, but never too late, and because he has a tendency to screw up even the simplest things, he always leaves late as well. No one really cares.

Untitled KHR/Watership Down crossover, by morphaileffect@lj. it's khr characters in the watership down universe. how is this not awesome.

"Hmph. If this is a waste of my time," said Skylark, "I'll bite you all to death. Starting with you." He cast Tenth a look that made him cower just a little bit, and made Falconer bare his teeth a little bit - even if compared to Skylark, his teeth were tiny and not threatening at all.

"Kufufufu," laughed Six Paths,"this might be interesting." And when the scarred, pitch-black rabbit with dark blue eyes turned toward Tenth, the latter imagined that one eye caught the light and turned another color - was it red?

Smoke and Mirrors, by ranty_rie@lj. In another world, in another life, Squalo was almost happy. In this world, in this life, Squalo wants a future of his own. Dino/Squalo, Xanxus/Squalo.

"I think..." The boy, who was known as Superbi Squalo, said in an eerily quiet voice, "I think I just saw myself die."

Misplacement Theory, by awesome@lj. Gokudera, Yamamoto, Tsuna. "Sometimes it’s easier to see the things that aren’t there."

In Retrospect, by makeste@lj. Irie Shouichi and the two men who changed his life. On making mistakes, and dealing with the consequences.

“How exciting.” Byakuran stands back and brings a thumb to his lips for a moment, eyeing Irie with a suddenly perceptive gaze. For the first and only time in this conversation, Irie feels a sudden glimpse of foreshadowing, a feeling that perhaps this man is not all that he seems.

And then Byakuran smiles once again, and the feeling floats away as if it was never there to begin with.

Indemnity, by makeste@lj. Gokudera, future-arc.

It hasn’t happened yet, and with any luck it never will. All the same, he needs to make up for it.

Who Wants Too Much, by achiasa@lj. Gokudera, pre-series.

Bianchi's a freelancer now; Shamal had told him so last they ran into each other, when Hayato had hung around his apartment in Venice for a week or two taking a vicious sort of satisfaction in putting a crimp in his usual perverted activities. And it's not like he particularly cares, but at least it serves his bastard father right. Hayato hopes he knows he fucking deserved it, losing both of them.

Made out of 100% pure loyalty, by pampered-banter@lj. Tsuna/Gokudera, nsfw.

The idea is too ridiculous, too filthy to entertain, but the more Tsuna thinks about it, the more it seems like the only answer. He needs to keep Gokudera from accidently killing himself through some crazy stunt. ’Besides, that mouth can be put to better use than shouting expletives,’ Tsuna’s libido supplies helpfully and Tsuna can’t help but agree.

(see, this is how i like my 2759 fic. why is there not more of it. /entitled brat)

Fledged, by lysapadin. Tsuna, Dino, Vongola Guardians. There comes a point when a person has to say, "Enough." And Tsuna just reached his.

Now, to the third point. Tsuna chewed on his lip, worried: just how was this calculated to cause him the greatest possible embarrassment while providing Reborn with the maximum entertainment?

Love, Duty and other Difficult Things, by lysapadin. It's time for Bianchi to come into her own, whether she likes it or not. Dino/Bianchi.

"I'm not the one doing the trifling." Bianchi leaned back on her hands, looking up at the sky that arched over them, achingly blue. "I think I'm the one being trifled with."

"Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're any more attractive when you're feeling sorry for yourself." Reborn punctuated that with a ruthless kick at her elbow that she barely managed to dodge. "The past is the past."

Archimedes' Lever, by branch. What if Squalo had been taken in by the Vongola earlier, and met Xanxus much sooner? What change would that have made in both of them? AU, Xanxus as the Vongola Tenth.

Rafaele raised a brow at Piero, who shrugged and mouthed, “Street fighting.” Rafaele remembered where they had found the boy and sighed. Squalo was far more enthused.

“Great!” He practically bounced down the steps and held out a hand to Xanxus. “Fight with me!”

Takes One to Know One, by lysapadin. In which Squalo deals with Xanxus after a botched mission. nsfw, gunkink.

"Useless morons," Xanxus grunted at him, and turned aside from the path to the main house.

"Could kill 'em all and start from scratch," Squalo noted, as they kept going past the barracks, in the direction of the training grounds.

Moment on the Road, by sutlers. Yamamoto/Gokudera, nsfw, painkink.

"I gave someone a blowjob once." As soon as the words were out of his mouth Yamamoto flushed, then grinned, trying to dispel some of the atmosphere. "In a locker room in high school."

"Do you want a fucking prize or something?" Gokudera said.

Thunderstorm, by LavenderSkies. A story about how the five-year-old crybaby became the twenty-five-year-old thunderstorm... The girl who had always been his support... And the man who was pivotal in his making.

"Lambo, get up! We just got started!" She shook him harder. "Get up!"

"…but I'm tired," he mumbled as he rolled over onto his back and laced his fingers behind his head, eyes still closed. He was the picture of laziness.

She rested her elbows on her knees and propped her chin up in her hands with a small sigh. "Gokudera-san will be mad if he sees you," she warned flatly.

The Way Things Fall, by ky_kestrel. Reborn tricks Tsuna into applying for an undergraduate degree in International Relations in an Italian university, and Gokudera joins him as a chemistry major.

“You applied last week. And you chose International Relations,” Reborn reminded blithely. “That is a good course for a future boss, Tsuna, you will be learning politics and diplomacy and maybe a handful of languages along the side—”

“Last week?” Tsuna blinked. “W-wait, you mean that—but I thought it was just an exercise sheet! You told me it’s to help me practice my Italian!”

The Melancholy of Fran, by redmoonmurder. The Varia is a scary group of badass motherfuckers. Fran has a different opinion.

"Goodness gracious, what happened to you?" Luss examined the extent of Fran's damage. Which really wasn't anything beyond a couple of bruises and a nasty scratch on his neck. If only because Belphegor played dirty. "Who did this to you, my poor dear?"

Fran blinked at Lussuria, not entirely sure if he was supposed to be shocked or appalled or start crying like a three year old tattling to his mother. But he was Fran, so he did a mix of the three. "Bel-sempai did," he blurted out, pouting and looking down on the floor.

The Long Way Home, by theprerogative. Home is where the heart is but everyone is going round in circles to find it. Gokudera tries too hard to fit into a system not made for him or anyone of them, nearly becomes a sailor, attempts to be badass at Russian roulette but Yamamoto steals the most important kill.

The same night he leaves, the alley he made home is blasted till kingdom comes. There are no casualties but the police never find the bomber or any remains of the bomb. The case remains open and forgotten (make it look like you were never there).

Gokudera believes the future belongs to those who are willing to get their hands dirty.

A Chance of Showers, by kat8cha. Tsuna has a routine to his life, and while there are variations, everything stays pretty much the same.

"Gokudera-kun." Tsuna waves when he's around 500 feet away, and Gokudera turns. Tsuna jogs up and looks at the collapsed pillars. "What happened?"

"That idiot." Gokudera lights a cigarette and Tsuna does his best not to breathe. 'That idiot' can still be anyone. That idiot could be Yamamoto, Lambo, Giannini, Dino, 'that idiot' is never Tsuna though… at least Tsuna does not think so. "That stupid cow," okay, so it was Lambo, "bumped into that idiot horse," Dino too, that was unusual to say the least, "and his goddamn turtle went flying."

Anniversaries, by eigwayne. When the day Mukuro might have died looms closer, and Tsuna won't help her free him, Chrome strikes out on her own to find someone who will.

"The Varia doesn’t accept missions with such a low probability of success. I don't know what you said to Squalo to make him agree to even bring this to me for approval."

"We have been waiting for Mukuro-sama for ten years while he languishes in darkness. He only had to wait for you for eight."

Kids in a Candy Store, at shougatsushot@lj. Yamamoto and Squalo, after the world doesn't end.

Yamamoto stayed out of reach, and came back after he'd found the turtle. "Look what was stuck in the ice."

"That's dead," Squalo said with mild disbelief. "A little late to save it."

Yamamoto laughed. "Who said anything about saving? This is supper!"

Falling Up, at shougatsushot. TYL. Yamamoto, Gokudera, mention of others. Character death.

"Haha, I can at least try, right?" Yamamoto grinned, eyes alight once more. "Hey! Do you think Tsuna's going to kiss Kyoko at midnight?"

"Well he's sure not going to kiss Xanxus, idiot." The expensive car slowed down, an intersection and turning sedan looming in the distance. "Of course he'll kiss Kyoko; the Tenth is a gentleman, not a brute like you."

In Translation, by Phnx. 8059. Because you're the ookooblook to my neuropeptides.

Gokudera had known that he'd been spending way too much time with Yamamoto. Still, though, he hadn't realized just how bad the problem was until he concluded Yamamoto's "bloopwhiiishpow"-laden monologue with a distracted, "The idiot just meant that the rainfall actually enhances his focus during practice rather than slowing him down."

Of Burdens Overdue, by Hitokiri-san. Even after the Byakuran ordeal, Gokudera has never quite forgiven himself for failing. A meeting with the adult Tsuna, however, enables him to make peace with the future-that-is-past.

He swore, on the spot, that he was going to confiscate Lambo's ten-year bazooka - along with his Thunder ring, Vongola box and various other armaments - for safekeeping for years to come. He'd do it so thoroughly that there was absolutely no way the cow brat could accidentally endanger the Tenth in one of his stupid escapades.

Sous Entendre, by Hitokiri-san. TYL. Yamamoto is troubled by how little sense Tsuna's dying words make.

He extended a hand towards his fellow guardian; Gokudera didn't take it, his gaze falling back to the sleek coffin with bleak devotion.

"The Tenth told me to guard him until he wakes," the Storm Guardian repeated, emotionless, unyielding, "this is my priority."

Ten Things About the Vongola Family, by Morte Lise.

Lambo is the only Guardian who has always considered the current Vongola his family, as he alone was raised to adulthood alongside them. As a result, all his childhood hopes and dreams more or less revolve around those family members.

Very near the top of the list is his long-standing childish curiosity to see Hibari Kyouya literally bite someone to death.

The Sun Always Rises, by Lacewood. AU. In a different world, Tsuna had a different Sun guardian - Kyoko.

"Tsuna's in danger, isn't he?" she finally says.

"Yes," Reborn says, almost gentle. "All of us will be, if he doesn't succeed."

Let's Get Carried Away, by expletive deleted. Only five minutes to start with and the countdown already well on its way ... it's not much of a marriage. TYL!2759.

"Gokudera! What was that explo...sion..." He stared at Gokudera, then took the hand out from his jacket and held it a bit above his own forehead. He brought it down level to the top of Gokudera's head, and then took it back up and looked at the gap. "Gokudera... from ten years earlier? Was it the Ten Year Bazooka?"

Absolutely everything by metisket, but particularly What We Fought For and I can't believe I didn't rec this sooner this fic is so amazing.

“Tsu-kun’s going to fix the waste crisis in Italy,” Kyoko reports, a smile tugging at her lips. “Then he’s going to fix the economy. And after that, the world.”

Hana stares at Tsuna in horrified disbelief. “Sawada,” she says, “if this makes as much paperwork as I think it will, I’m going to kill you with a letter opener.”

Kingdom Hearts
The epic tale of how a boy saves several worlds and smashes darkness with a giant key, together with a talking duck and dog.

Boys, by Casey V. It's about growing up, mostly. Sometimes it's about the guy you totally didn't kiss in the locker room and sometimes it's about the guy who climbed in your window. Sometimes it's about hockey. But sometimes it's about the difference between what's real and what's fake, between what you own and what you fight, between being a boy and being a man. The only highschool AU I've ever found that was actually worth reading.

The Renegades, by abby_sarajane, chigrima and silvestris. The Nobodies of Castle Oblivion, after it fell. Don't read it if you want to preserve your happy mood.

Pretty much everything by Luc Court.

this that and the other, by Senri. the lion the wardrobe the witch. [ Namine, Marluxia, Axel, Larxene ]

She has: the bed, the chair, the desk, the wardrobe full of identical limp white dresses, the pencils, the crayons, the paper, the eraser – these last things which are her wealth.

She does not have: a way out.

Those Lacking Spines, by Organization VI. Immune to a suspicious parasite by merit of their manly looks, Xaldin, Vexen and Lexaeus set out on a journey to save the rest of Organization XIII from the biggest nightmare of all: stupid fanfiction.

Co-dependence, by insaneidiot. Now they're home everything should be normal, but the three of them need each other more than ever.

“Then tell me!” she exclaims, flinging her own hands up in exasperation. “What about Riku?”

“He’s not here!” Sora says, spinning to glare at her and stomp his foot like a child having a temper-tantrum. “He’s not here and he’s always supposed to be here now but suddenly he’s not!”

No Fear, by amet. Pence is all about the normal until he takes a dare one step too far.

Naminé screams her head off, battering at him, yelling at him to stop because "Sora!" and "You don't understand! This isn't what he wanted!" She's bawling, and Pence feels bad about that, but she wouldn't be a match for Hayner's little sister so she's pretty much out of luck. He wants to ask her why Sora would want to be asleep if, as she hinted, there's nothing wrong with him, but he's busy trying to get the codes entered with one hand while the other holds her at arm's length, a painful arm that's getting furrows scraped in it by the second, but that's okay, because he's almost--

Easy Roads, by reimars. Sora's mother; how to raise a prodigal son who can pull swords from the air when you don't exactly know about that particular power.

"I'm really sorry," he finally said, giving her that puppy dog expression that she'd made the mistake of falling for occasionally. "Please don't ground me any more? It's going to be summer soon, I'll never get to leave the house!"

You were gone for two years, she thought. Why don't you want to stay?

Pictures and Memories, by reimars. Kairi and Riku; dealing with change, in good and bad ways.

The drawing by the top left of the door has been scraped away so deeply that Riku must have taken a potion afterward, or they would have noticed the damage on his hands. But it's still a curtain drawn over an ugly truth, and Kairi remembers exactly what it looks like.

She closes her eyes and sees the dragon and three ravens, scratched into the rock by a young man's hand.

Siege, by tabitha_dornoc. The Princesses of Heart stretch their legs. Sort of.

So then there’s Alice, who swings something long and heavy, taking out two whole lines of shadows. She looks at her chunk of edged steel with raised eyebrows. “Handles much better than a flamingo, I must say.”

Five Worlds That Fell to the Heartless, or, The Top Five Ways No Final Fantasy Character Wants to Die, by nagia. Five worlds they couldn't save.

Eiko Carol doesn't want to die with her eyes closed.

Black Mages can Stop, she thinks, distantly. What about White Mages?

Rain Shadow, by Nitlon. In which the boy who hated everyone met the boy who didn't. AU. I'm a bit :| about this fic: the characters don't read like their canon selves (but not like their badfic incarnations either, just... not themselves), but the relationship build-up is good, and it has what is possibly the best first-time sex scene ever as one of the epilogues.

This Ship Runs On Happy Thoughts, by lazulisong. Crossover with STXI. Pretty much everything gets tossed into the metamorphical back room of a facility like Delta Vega.

"– and everything," finished the red-nose. Dale, right. "Ships really run on happy hearts and smiling faces, you know."

Now that was just bloody ridiculous. Everybody knew that ships ran on interdepartmental hatred, coffee, petty feuds and the last raw, bleeding nerve of the Executive Officer.

Untitled KH/DN Angel crossover, by lazulisong. If all crossovers ever were written in this way the world would be a better place.

Taking A Chance, by spoke. Vague spoilers for BBS. They never did go on that date.

They end up talking forever, until they’re all getting a little hoarse and Terra actually points out that it might be nice to eat. Which is a little odd, and stranger that he and Ventus should abruptly vanish, leaving Zack standing there with Aqua and wondering why she looks a little... annoyed? Betrayed?

He can’t tell what she’s thinking, and he doesn’t want to stick his foot in his mouth so it takes him a minute to start.

The Last Remnant
A love-it-or-hate-it game about a clueless hero, his really hot boyfriend, the hero's kidnapped sister, the boyfriend's generals and lots and lots of mercenaries.

Everything by [personal profile] cypher,[personal profile] ciceqi and [personal profile] cephy.

Aftermath, by graytabby. David needs to procreate for the glory of Athlum. And then, nine years after his and Irina's marriage, Rush comes back. Sadly seems to be abandoned.

Meine Liebe
First a dating sim, then a manga and anime. Only the last is remotely worth knowing. Semi-political story about a guy with the stupidest last name ever and several of his classmates. Tends to forget storylines in favour of character development.

Everything by [ profile] reichsfreiherr. Can also be found here under the handle 'Narsus'.

Silver Diamond
Fushigi Yugi, the male version. The adventures of Rakan and his harem.

Doubt Is Not Like This, by takadainmate. Narushige and Touji are good friends. Kou has other ideas.

The second half of the first hour went something like this:

"I can hear laughing," Touji said, left ear pressed up against the warm, worn wood. He grimaced. "Giggling," he clarified. "It sounds like Kou."

Domesticity is Bliss, by lebateleur. 'It was so hard to get things done properly while caring for four other people. Or three people and one snake, if one was going to be precise.'

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, Impostor! I was minding my own business and the damn snake--"

Rakan held up his hand and motioned furiously for Touno to stop. "Well in any case, we have to get you out of these clothes! Tomato sauce stains!"

The World Ends With You
Emo teen wakes up in the middle of Shibuya without his memories, and has to fight his way to victory with the help of a girl with her plush toy, accessories and fashion. Hope you didn't lose your stylus.

Signal to Noise, by twigcollins. After the Game, Neku deals with newfound responsibilities, life, people who aren't quite as dead as thought, and more Joshua than his dignity can handle. AKA the best TWEWY fic ever.

Eri and Shiki take up a lot of his free time now, and Neku is starting to recognize and fear the particular spark that passes between them, the one that means ‘yay, free life-size boy model!’ Also, they don’t always honor the ‘boy’ part.

Red Queen's Race and its follow-ups, by kay_willow. Neku and Joshua, post-game.

"I'm clairvoyant, Neku," he said patiently. "You can't spoil it for me because I already know what it looks like. It's a skeletal girl in monotone colors sitting on a ledge, with--"

It Takes 21 Days to Form a Routine, by Person. After three long weeks stuck in the game, it's adjusting to normal life that becomes a challenge.

And then, just one week later, he was passing through the Scramble on his way from grabbing a burger at Sunshine Stationside and the moment he took a step into the area of the 104 building he knew that he had his leg sticking through a wall.

Viva la Cerdo, by Thano. Remember that really annoying pig noise in Joshua's week? You know the one. Yeah, Neku hated it too. Alternate summary: Joshua closed his DS on the world.

Shibuya Underworld: Dark Tales from the Other Shibuya, by Ryuutchi. This blog is about the bizarre urban legends-- the things lurking in the shadows of the designer stores and in the breathless seconds after midnight has just passed. This blog is about the Shibuya Underworld.

Make It Sparkle, by Mrs. Abject. Disappointing boys, bad makeup, and a broken shoe - Shiki has a bad day, and Eri's there to catch her.

She remembered now, the thought of kissing him had scared her. Eri told her it was just the butterflies. Maybe it had been a bad idea. Of course it had been a bad idea, look at how it had turned out. But she couldn't blame Eri. She couldn't blame the girl that left her with the lipstick smudge on her sleeve. Besides, it's not like she had friends to spare.

Five times Neku regretted meeting Joshua, and one he didn't, by thornsmoke. Joshua fights too deliberately to be useful.

It's not that Neku wants to notice these things, but Joshua makes it hard for him to avoid them. Between moments splintered by fire and wind whirling through the battlegrounds, he can feel Joshua slipping, struggling to maintain the connection and to forge his next heartbeat.

Yu-Gi-Oh! and sequel(s)
Children's card games are serious business. So are ancient Egyptian artifacts, friendship speeches and possessed people. Now play the damn card already!

Foreign xChange, Whistling Past the Graveyard and Roll the Bones, by Vathara. Crossovers with X-Men (the first fic) and Sentinel (the third). Yugi and his friends find chaos wherever they go, and the Bakurae learn to work together. Just a bit.

And Himself a Shade, by Ethelflaed. Bakura and his demons.

"Let me enter," he said. "I have come to bring a case before Lord Pharaoh."

Why YuGiOh-R Is A Bad Place For Mary Sues, by Silvormoon. Yugi must rescue Anzu before she's sacrificed by Yakou Tenma! At least, that's what he was supposed to do, but then the Sues showed up...

He was cut off as the girl gave an earsplitting screech.

"What did I say?" asked Getsukou.

"Anzu," said Yugi tiredly. "They don't like her, for some reason."

Pretty much everything by Higuchimon.

Blood On My Hands by fanficwisdom. Even when he was freed, Hell Kaiser Ryo could never truly leave the underground behind.

The collars crackled to life, and the Hell Kaiser's eyes snapped shut as electricity shot through his body. It was everywhere, all at once, so much more intense than the duels in the Pro Leagues that had barely sustained him, so much better...

To think, he would have left this kind of pain behind. Just left it in a briefcase, rotting in a closet. What a foolish thing to do.

The Monster Under the Bed, by SilvorMoon. Kenzan has a monster under his bed. No, seriously, he does.

"Oh!" said Juudai, looking momentarily embarrassed. "It's nothing. Manjyome here's got a monster under his bed."

"I do not," said Manjyome. "It's hardly important enough to be called a monster. More like an annoyance. And it's not under the bed, it's on the desk."

Also, not a fic, but if you know even the littlest bit about this series, you should really watch Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series.

YuYu Hakusho
An unlikely hero who dies before his adventure even starts, a schoolmate and two demons on parole hunt down more demons on orders of a toddler with a magical pacifier.

Everything by Madhumalati and Fate VII.

Reminder to self: search more fic. Fandoms to rec: more CLAMP (esp. Clover and RG Veda), Silver Diamond, more Final Fantasy, Tales series, Good Omens, Swordpoint.

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